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Alexander Jiayu Zhong

Mr. Alexander Jiayu Zhong (in Chinese, 钟家钰律师) is a skilled attorney licensed to practice law in Maryland, with a focus on personal injury and criminal defense largely for Chinese-speaking clients. He currently works at Jezic & Moyse, where he devotes most of his time to helping clients in personal injury cases.

Prior to attending law school, Mr. Zhong spent over five years as a paralegal contractor working alongside excellent attorneys in the field of personal injury in Maryland and Virginia. During his time in law school at the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, he worked as a legal intern in a law firm in Maryland, where he assisted around 30 victims of car accidents.


Mr. Zhong has an impressive academic background. He earned his bachelor’s degree in science from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China, and his Master of Science from both Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the University of Connecticut. He also worked as an actuarial analyst for GEICO for five years and obtained four different categories of insurance licenses, giving him a comprehensive understanding of insurance.

In 2012, Mr. Zhong authored a book titled “Risk Management for Driving in the USA” (in Chinese, 《美国行车宝典》), in which he explains how to purchase suitable and cost-efficient car insurance to protect drivers and passengers, and how to protect oneself, to the best extent, after accidents happen. This 300-page book contains 100,000 Chinese characters and about 10 illustrations.

As a native Chinese speaker, Mr. Zhong is sensitive to his clients’ language and cultural differences. Mr. Zhong’s accurate understanding of his clients helps them to effectively present the accident's sequence of events. Additionally, his accurate and concise explanation of legal concepts helps Chinese speakers to understand the strategy employed by top attorneys, facilitating their cooperation and maximizing the likelihood of favorable outcomes. He is a zealous advocate for his clients' rights, and his exceptional service has earned him many five-star reviews from satisfied clients.

Outside of the legal world, Mr. Zhong has traveled to over 12 countries and is an avid marathon runner.

Mr. Zhong can be reached at


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"Jezic&Moyse is the best law firm in the Maryland. My cousin was charged with two counts, which in the worst case could result in a prison sentence of two years or/and a fine of $1000. With the help of Mr. Michael Stark and Mr. Alexander Zhong in Jezic&Moyse law firm, he was acquitted. He only needed to perform 24 hrs of community service, and the prosecutor was willing to drop the case. This is great news for him. His case was very difficult to handle. He was prepared for the worst result. He didn’t expect such a good result at all. He really appreciate Mr. Michael Stark and Mr. Alexander Zhong’s efforts in his case. Mr. Michael Stark and Mr. Alexander Zhong not only handle his case seriously and responsibly. They also have the ability to handle complex cases. Alexander Zhong is always supportive and ready to hear him patiently. Mr. Zhong can speak both Mandarin and English, so he helped my cousin a lot with translation and language issues. My cousin feels he was really lucky that he could meet Mr. Stark and Mr. Zhong as well as select Jezic& Moyse law firm". - Liying Wong


"Attorney Alexander Zhong helped me with a case and I'm very satisfied with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Mr. Zhong and the law firm to those who need reliable legal services." - Octavia Deng

"Mr. David Moyse and Mr. Alexander Zhong together provided perfect service for my family. Mr. Moyse is a super attorney and he was so generous to my family. Mr. Zhong provided the best interpretation and the strongest support to my family when we could not get through without them." - Helen L.


"I sincerely appreciate the outstanding service and unwavering support you provided in my personal injury case resulting from a car accident. Your professional expertise and excellent legal skills secured a substantial compensation for me, which means a lot. Throughout the entire process, you demonstrated excellence not only in legal matters but also in every detail, showcasing a high level of professional competence. Your efforts and dedication have alleviated the economic losses I incurred due to the work disruption caused by the accident, allowing me to navigate through this life challenge more easily. Thank you for your genuine concern and patience. Your team displayed remarkable collaborative efforts, making the entire case
progress smoothly. I am highly satisfied with your service and truly appreciate your constant presence when I needed assistance." - Yunfei Ding

"Attorney Alexander Zhong demonstrates a profound concern for his clients' interests and tirelessly works towards securing the best outcomes. His constructive approach not only delivers results but also garners trust from my adversary. Throughout the process, I felt completely at ease, receiving prompt updates and positive news. His commitment and efforts consistently went above and beyond, leading to an outcome that surpassed my expectations. My gratitude extends to Jezic & Moyse Law Firm for their exceptional service. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Zhong and this law firm to those in need of reliable legal representation." - Xiaoyan Deng

"My spouse is an Uber driver who, unfortunately, experienced two minor car accidents last year in DC. Fortunately, we encountered Attorney Zhong. He patiently and meticulously analyzed our case, helping us secure a favorable compensation.

Due to DC's unique insurance claim rules, we contacted several law firms. However, upon hearing the accidents occurred in DC, they deemed it difficult to claim and outright refused our case. Thankfully, a friend recommended Attorney Zhong. Throughout the lengthy and complex claiming process, he tirelessly communicated with us, delving into the details of the incident and passenger feedback. His efforts ensured our vehicle was repaired, medical recovery was managed, and subsequent claims were settled without an increase in our insurance premium.

I hope the professional and dedicated Attorney Zhong, a shining example in the Chinese community, becomes more widely known among our people, advocating for our greatest welfare." - Jia Wang

"Alexander Zhong is the best attorney I have ever worked with. He is very professional and personable. I was in a car accident in 2022 and Mr. Zhong has been very good at communicating and helping me every step of the way to get me the best outcome. I am very satisfied with his service. I am also very pleased with everyone working in the office. They have been very professional and was able to get me the answer my questions within 24 hours." - Siwen Huo

"Many thanks to Jezic & Moyse law firm. David Moyse kindly solved my problem and was very generous to me. Alexander Zhong was always warm, patient, polite, and constructive when my special circumstances caused much time cost for him." - Shu Zheng

"Great appreciation to law firm Jezic & Moyse and attorney Mr. Alexander Zhong. Mr. Zhong is professional, pragmatic, and very caring. He fights for the best outcomes and he got it for my business. He is a trustworthy friend for me and my partners." - Rey Chen

"Ms. Crystallis Vergara and Mr. Alexander Zhong did a very good job and they got very good compensation settlement for my injury in a car accident. Mr. Zhong also provided the best moral support during the worst time.” - Yuewei Chen

"Embarking on a new life in America, my fiancée and I, full of excitement, bought our first used car and aced the driver's license test on a Monday. Our journey took an unexpected turn that Friday. Cruising in our TOYOTA, seamlessly flowing with traffic, another vehicle abruptly invaded our lane, signaling nowhere in sight. In a heartbeat, a collision unfolded, shattering our idyllic beginning. Imagine the anxiety of experiencing our first-ever car mishap in the U.S., a country where English is spoken, and our native language is Chinese. The other party spoke Spanish, making communication a daunting task. With the assistance of a compassionate bystander, we summoned the police and exchanged information, but upon returning home, shockingly, the at-fault party claimed our insurance for their damages.

Confused and inexperienced in such matters, my uncle recommended Alexander Jiayu Zhong. In just 10 minutes, we entrusted our case to him, captivated by his expertise and reassuring guidance on potential scenarios, including the other party's denial (which happened). We also discovered latent injuries affecting our daily lives, seeking treatment for neck and waist ailments, while my fiancée grappled with driving fears for six months.

Enter Alexander Jiayu Zhong, and everything transformed. State Farm, their insurance, swiftly acknowledged fault, facilitating our car repairs. Medical treatments accelerated our recovery, and the best part? It cost us nothing. I wholeheartedly urge you to choose Alexander Jiayu Zhong—an exceptional lawyer prepared to restore you and your car, handling everything for you." - Chen Xiang

(Translated by Google) Lawyer Zhong Jiayu is my neighbor. My mother was in a car accident in 2022 and she couldn't speak English. My mother immediately thought of calling lawyer Zhong Jiayu. From calling the police, taking photos of the accident scene, to going to the doctor, repairing the car, renting the car, and making a personal injury claim, everything was completed with the help of lawyer Zhong Jiayu. The car was beautifully restored and we were pleased with the compensation for our personal injury claim. We warmly recommend Attorney Zhong Jiayu and his law firm Jezic & Moyse to everyone.

钟家钰律师是我的邻居。我的妈妈在2022年出了一起车祸,她不会说英语。我妈妈马上想到给钟家钰律师打电话。从打电话报警,给事故现场拍照片,到之后去看医生,修车,租车,以及人身伤害索赔,都是在钟家钰律师的帮助下完成的。车修得很漂亮,人身伤害索赔的赔偿也让我们很满意。我们向所有人热烈推荐钟家钰律师和他的律师事务所Jezic & Moyse。

-Yuan Huang

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