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Bruce Godfrey


Employment attorney and partner Bruce Godfrey handles all aspects of Maryland employment law: wage payment and collection lawsuits, overtime claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits, retaliation and wrongful termination claims and unemployment appeals before the Lower Appeals Division, the Board of Appeals and in petitions for judicial review.

Bruce also handles personal injury cases, criminal defense and general civil litigation. He earned his J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law in 1994 and holds a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University.

Recently, Bruce successfully served as co-counsel in a civil rights case involving police misconduct. Bruce's representation in this matter is in line with his focus on defending civil liberties and advocating for victims of discrimination.

Bruce has served as an instructor on unemployment appeals at Solo Practice University, a professional resource for new solo attorneys. His law blog on Maryland practice and his Basic Worker’s Guide to Maryland Unemployment Appeals have obtained wide recognition within the Maryland Bar. Bruce has also served as a mentor to new Maryland lawyers both formally through the Court of Appeals-sponsored Maryland Professionalism Center and less formally both in metropolitan Baltimore and in the Washington suburbs.

He has served as a volunteer employment attorney with Jewish Legal Services in Baltimore, with the Maryland Volunteer Lawyer Service and with the Women’s Law Center of Maryland, and has assisted low-income and disabled workers in unemployment hearings and Maryland courts, as well as protecting free speech rights of political bloggers pro bono publico in federal court.

Attorney Bruce Godfrey

Bruce is strong advocate of a “pro-worker, pro-labor” orientation in his employment practice; over 98% of his employment and unemployment practice has been dedicated to assisting workers, not management. He frequently assists workers who have faced wage theft and abuse by unethical, deceptive or fugitive employers who refuse to pay workers on time, in full and as required by law.

He also helps workers in administrative proceedings before the EEOC and local fair employment practices agencies when they have suffered the outrage and injustice of unequal treatment on the basis of race, gender, religion or other protected statuses under law. He helps workers who have suffered retaliatory firings for objecting to unlawful, predatory or fraudulent practices under the various statutes that protect workers in federal and state court. Bruce is an active member of the Maryland Employment Lawyers’ Association, the workers’ rights Bar in Maryland.


“I worked with Bruce Godfrey and couldn’t possibly be happier with the entire experience including the results!  He was professional, knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with.  Perhaps most importantly, he “herded this cat” and did an excellent job of keeping me focused on the strategy and task at hand, and he made it understandable in layman’s terms and when he did cite legal terms, he took the time to net it out for me.  I highly recommend Jezic & Moyse and firmly believe you can’t go wrong if you ask for Bruce Godfrey.” - Frank Howard

“I've used Jezic & Moyse law firm more than once. Always receive great service. Bruce Godfrey handled my accident case. It seems as if Mr. Godfrey made my case his first priority! He kept me updated during the process. He made sure I received the maximum payment possible and fast! Hands down Mr. Godfrey is the best accident attorney!  Thank you Jezic & Moyse.” - S & D, LLC

“I highly recommend Bruce Godfrey and his team at Jezic and Moyse. Bruce and his associate Sarah have done an excellent job of keeping me informed about my accident case, and advising me throughout the process. Bruce is very good about getting back to me whenever I have a question, he is always very professional. I recommended a very close friend to Bruce, he likewise is very pleased with the job Bruce is doing, and feels very confident that he will get the best outcome. It's obvious that Bruce cares about his clients." - Denise Deanovich

Prior to joining Jezic & Moyse, LLC, Bruce practiced in Baltimore County through the Law Office of Bruce Godfrey and with a medium-sized suburban firm. He is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and in federal and state court in Maryland, and handles matters frequently in the courts of metropolitan Baltimore and suburban Washington alike.

Bruce's Blog: www.brucegodfrey.com

Bruce can be reached at godfrey@jezicfirm.com.



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