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Paulette M. Pagán

Paulette M. Pagán is a career criminal defense attorney. She has extensive experience representing clients in all criminal matters, ranging from traffic infractions to more serious cases such as rape and murder. Her persistence and wide-ranging knowledge of criminal law serve as the foundation for reaching the best outcome possible for all of her clients. She prides herself on effectively communicating with her clients and understands the personal stresses that come along with facing criminal charges.

Ms. Pagán previously served the indigent community of St Louis County, Missouri, as a Public Defender for nearly four years. There she handled over one hundred and fifty felony criminal cases at a time. Her clients faced charges such as drug possession, domestic assault, weapons charges, rape, and murder.

In her last year with the Public Defender’s Office, she obtained the highest number of dismissed felony cases within the fiscal year. In January of 2021, Ms. Pagán achieved an all-count case dismissal for a 19-year-old client facing charges of murder in the first degree. The charges could have resulted in a lifetime of incarceration, without the possibility of parole. Ms. Pagán successfully persuaded the Court to grant her Motion to Dismiss for the prosecution’s failure to properly present evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. Learn more about the case here:

Ms. Pagán has tried many jury trials in cases where her clients were facing charges such as robbery in the first degree, unlawful use of firearms, domestic assault, and stealing motor vehicles. In one trial, Ms. Pagán represented a client accused of first-degree rape and first-degree burglary. He was facing a minimum of 15 years of incarceration and lifetime registration as a sex offender. After Ms. Pagán’s zealous and passionate representation, both before and during trial, the jury found her client Not Guilty of all charges.

As a leading Public Defender, Ms. Pagán was asked to guest lecture at the University of Missouri St. Louis on the topic of criminal law. She also served as a guest trial advocacy Judge for both local undergraduate and law schools.

Prior to working in the St. Louis County Public Defender’s Office, Ms. Pagán interned at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in both the homicide department and the trial district court docket. There she tried jury trials as a student prosecutor as lead counsel. Before working with the District Attorney’s Office, she clerked for Suffolk County district court and superior court judges where she drafted opinions on cutting-edge cases.

Paulette M. Pagán received her J.D. from Suffolk University Law School in 2016. She was the first member of her Puerto Rican family to attend law school. Ms. Pagán served as the executive editor of the Journal Health and Biomedical Law, where she published her case comment: Reliance on Indiana Pharmacy Board’s Synthetic Drug Statute Creates Constitutionally Void Criminal Statute – Tiplick v. State of Indiana on Administrative & Constitutional Law. In her article, Ms. Pagán analyzed the cross-roads of criminal law and health law when deciding how and what drugs should be deemed illicit. She earned her B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida in 2012.

Ms. Pagán is fluent in Spanish and works with clients in both Spanish and English. She is licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland and Missouri. You may email her at:

Attorney Paulette M. Pagán, Esq.
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