DUI Acquittal

David Moyse did an outstanding job as my lawyer in a DUI case in Montgomery County … I always felt comfortable and confident that Dave and his team were thoroughly prepared and working extremely hard on my behalf. Read more “DUI Acquittal”

Criminal Defense Client

Highly Recommended

I felt very safe and secure next to him at the trial table, as he made me feel confident that the jury would return a not guilty verdict, which it did, in a mere two and a half hours. Read more “Highly Recommended”

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

I will always go to them first

Mr. Lucey’s cross-examination of my neighbor exposed her lies and motive. And his forceful closing argument led the jury to return a Not Guilty verdict after less than 10 minutes of deliberation. Read more “I will always go to them first”

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

Murder Acquittal

I owe so much for all the hard work my lawyers and their team did to get this case done on the first try. It goes to show the dedication and incredible talent that they possess … I live again as a free woman due to all their time, commitment, and tenacity. Read more “Murder Acquittal”

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

They are good people

Not only are they competent, they were respectful, and all around “good” people. You would be hard pressed to find a better law firm. I would recommend them to anyone facing legal charges. Read more “They are good people”

Family member of Criminal Defense Client

I got my life and my family back

I could have been separated from my wife and my two children for many years. Mr. Jezic and his law partner convinced a jury to do the only right thing – to acquit me of all felony charges. Read more “I got my life and my family back”

Criminal Defense Client

Highly recommend Andy Jezic’s firm

He was extremely thorough and very professional… I highly recommend Andy Jezic’s firm any day because of their outstanding and tremendous job in and outside the courtroom regarding criminal cases. Read more “Highly recommend Andy Jezic’s firm”

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

My Honor Was Cleared

The jury found me innocent, and my honor was cleared. Mr. Jezic is not only a great lawyer, but also a person who knows how to deal with the cultural issues that involve a Latino legal case. Read more “My Honor Was Cleared”

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

Treated us with respect, and listened to our ideas

I am super happy that my dad is free to stay in this country without any problems for many more years with our family. We are grateful for Mr. Jezic for having guided my dad through this nightmare. He always treated us with respect, and listened to our ideas. Read more “Treated us with respect, and listened to our ideas”

Family member of Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

A good, experienced, aggressive lawyer.

We thank the law firm for their dedication in returning my husband back to his family. If you are in need of a good, experienced, aggressive lawyer who is the best in town, my family fully recommends the Jezic & Moyse law firm. Read more “A good, experienced, aggressive lawyer.”

Wife of Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

Exceeded My Expectations

Mr. Jezic captivated the jury of my trial by being extremely knowledgeable and devoted in my representation. His performance exceeded my expectations and I am blessed to be found not guilty of all felonies. Read more “Exceeded My Expectations”

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

Aggressive Legal Strategy

My husband gave a false confession to the crime. As a result, we thought we had little hope of winning. But with the help of Mr. Jezic, with all of his experience and his aggressive legal strategy, the prosecutor decided to drop the case. Read more “Aggressive Legal Strategy”

Wife of Criminal Defense Client

Outstanding Attorney

I had a legal problem (I’d rather not go into the details) but David was amazing. From the moment I hired him, he talked me down off the ledge and gave me confidence that I would have a favorable outcome. The situation is now resolved and David was true to his word. He handled everything and we got the outcome he predicted. I can’t imagine hiring anyone else. Read more “Outstanding Attorney”

Criminal Defense Client

Outstanding and experienced Lawyer

Mr. Moyse is one of the best and most passionate, hard working attorneys you will ever meet. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate. He treats his cases and the clients he is defending as if it were his own family member. In my case, of being accused of something I did not do and fighting for my innocence, David gave it his all in that courtroom. My case was dismissed of ALL CHARGES! Read more “Outstanding and experienced Lawyer”

Criminal Defense Client

Great lawyer and wonderful individual

I have had the opportunity to be represented by David in three legal cases, and all were successfully disposed of. He is a great lawyer and has a good legal mind. professional and caring. Definitely the right choice Read more “Great lawyer and wonderful individual”

Criminal Defense Client

Great lawyer!

David was a great lawyer! He was extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. I was so impressed with him, and he’s amazing with communication. I never had to worry about trying to get in touch with him because he would always offer me great advice and answer my questions usually within a few hours. Definitely would recommend David Moyse to anyone. Read more “Great lawyer!”

Criminal Defense Client

Great lawyer, who you want representing you

After a DUI, I asked several non-defense lawyers for recommendations of who they’d want to represent them in their case. 3 of 3 recommended David Moyse very, very highly. David was available immediately to meet with me and my wife to discuss my case, was easy to talk to, very knowledgeable regarding the law, judges, and how to approach my case. He did a great job representing me on the day of my court case. We were very pleased with the outcome of the case and feel that David had a lot to do with the favorable outcome. Read more “Great lawyer, who you want representing you”

DUI Defense Client

Outstanding Lawyer

I would like to thank Mr. Moyse for representing me. Your professionalism and motivation is an asset to your Law firm and should be recognized. I will definitely use your legal services again, and refer someone else to your Law Firm; who may be seeking outstanding legal representation. Your representation was highly appreciated. Thanks again! Read more “Outstanding Lawyer”

Criminal Defense Client

Extremely pleased with the handling of my son’s case.

I hired David Moyse to handle my 19 year old son’s criminal case – attempting to use a false ID. Although this was a very trying time for not only my son, but for me too, David was very assuring that he could get the case dismissed. And he did. He was professional, respectful, diligent, and approachable. Plus on top of all of this, a really nice guy. So glad he was recommended to me. Read more “Extremely pleased with the handling of my son’s case.”

Family member of Criminal Defense Client

Fabulous Attorney

My son was facing criminal charges brought by overzealous police officers who acted illegally. David (Moyse) was able to bring their actions to light and the case was dismissed. Not only did David work hard on my son’s behalf, he was really able to keep us calm and focused. Besides being a great attorney, he is also a really great guy and easy to talk to. Read more “Fabulous Attorney”

Family member of Criminal Defense Client

Excellent Attorney – Great job in jury trial

Mr. Moyse represented me in a jury trial, when I was facing multiple counts of sexual assault. I am extremely satisfied with the hard work and attention that he put on my case. Me and my family were very impressed with how much time he spent on our case. Most impressive, was his performance in court in front of the jury. He did an amazing job for me, and I will never forget this. Thanks to his efforts, the jury found me not guilty of the sexual assault. There are no words in my dictionary to say enough thanks to Mr. Moyse, Mr. Jezic, and their entire law firm for their efforts to fight for me. Read more “Excellent Attorney – Great job in jury trial”

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury
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