Magnificent Person Formidable Attorney – Not Guilty verdict!

Andrew Jezic was retained based on the recommendation of a highly respected attorney who stated “as a prosecutor going into a jury trial the last defense attorney I would want to be looking at is Andrew Jezic”. Magnificent Person Formidable Attorney. Andy surrounded me with the finest group of people including Gary Smith and Matthias Meuwissen who with his leadership upheld their professionalism, knowledge, ethics, and compassion for my wife and I through the worst time of our lives. Everyone wants to win, but Andy and his team are willing to work tirelessly to prepare to win for you. Andy is an attorney who conducts himself as a gentleman at all times who will turn into a shark for you if it is appropriate. At the end of the jury trial, I was acquitted of all charges. I was asked if Andy was as good as I thought he would be. My response was I had no idea that good existed.

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

The fees are pretty well affordable and reasonable

Why I love and choose this firm? The fees are pretty well affordable and reasonable, what I love the most is how lawyers are always responding to your texts, it doesn’t matter in what circumstances they are, they always gonna text you back, the way they operate is like a big family so even if your lawyer has an emergency, you always gonna get a response back and their partners always gonna handle your case, so in short words “they always working on your case”.

Criminal Defense Client

Excellent Attorney – Great job in jury trial

Mr. Moyse represented me in a jury trial, when I was facing multiple counts of sexual assault. I am extremely satisfied with the hard work and attention that he put on my case. Me and my family were very impressed with how much time he spent on our case. Most impressive, was his performance in court in front of the jury. He did an amazing job for me, and I will never forget this. Thanks to his efforts, the jury found me not guilty of the sexual assault. There are no words in my dictionary to say enough thanks to Mr. Moyse, Mr. Jezic, and their entire law firm for their efforts to fight for me.

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

I got my life and my family back

My serious felony case was extremely stressful for me and my family. I could have been separated from my wife and my two children for many years. I have never been accused of any wrongdoing in my life. Throughout many months of anxiety leading up to my jury trial, Andrew Jezic always made me and my family feel that I would have the best defense in court. He was always available to answer all questions whenever I called. He was always patient, respectful, and attentive to me and my family. My prayers were answered, and Mr. Jezic and his law partner convinced a jury to do the only right thing – to acquit me of all felony charges. I got my life and my family back.

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

After consulting several attorneys, I found the right one at Jezic & Moyse

I went through several attorneys, until I found the right one over a year ago… The right person was at the Jezic and Moyse Firm… Mr. Rand Lucey…Rand has went beyond to provide me with the best services possible. I am grateful for his counsel. I had lost a lot of faith in the legal system before Rand Lucey, since he has represented me he has taken care of my best interest. Rand has restored my faith that there are good attorneys out there.

Criminal Defense Client

This firm is trustworthy and cares about their clients

David Moyse was very upfront and honest with me about my case. He offered advice and comfort during an overwhelming time. He was also very responsive. This firm is trustworthy and cares about their clients.

Criminal Defense Client

I will always go to them first

In 2017, what started as simple tension with a neighbor in my apartment building became a nightmare when the neighbor made wild and false accusations that landed me in jail for almost two months awaiting trial. It seemed hopeless until Rand Lucey was able to first get me released from jail, and ultimately exonerate me with a complete acquittal before a jury.

Mr. Lucey’s cross-examination of my neighbor exposed her lies and motive. And his forceful closing argument led the jury to return a Not Guilty verdict after less than 10 minutes of deliberation.

Such impressive representation from this firm was not surprising. I had previous matters handled by Mr. Lucey and Andrew Jezic, and they have always shown legal skill, great rapport with judges and prosecutors and genuine concern for their clients.

I highly recommend them and will always go to them first with all of my legal needs.

Criminal Defense Client found Not Guilty by a Jury

Protect my reputation, my livelihood, and my family’s welfare

Andy Jezic is a profound professional attorney at the top of his craft. What sets him apart from other attorneys, is his ability to remove the anxiety from the allegations for both you and your family members.

Andy goes above and beyond to help you understand what is going on with your case from your first consultation to closure. His skill set to take “lawyer language” and translate it into layman’s terms is a natural ability that he owns. Communication with Andy was simple, he always responded and never left us guessing or wondering what the next strategic move will be.

Andy came out of his day-to-day jurisdiction to represent me for what the judicial system would consider a minor charge but for us it was major. Andy understood how much it meant to me and my family to protect my reputation, my livelihood and my family’s welfare.

Mr. Jezic will be our family and friends’ lawyer for all future litigious matters. I strongly recommend Andy Jezic as your attorney of choice; he gets it, he cares, he’s family oriented, an excellent communicator and most of all his actions will prove it!

Criminal Defense Client

Extremely pleased with the handling of my son’s case.

I hired David Moyse to handle my 19 year old son’s criminal case – attempting to use a false ID. Although this was a very trying time for not only my son, but for me too, David was very assuring that he could get the case dismissed. And he did. He was professional, respectful, diligent, and approachable. Plus on top of all of this, a really nice guy. So glad he was recommended to me.

Family member of Criminal Defense Client
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