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Maryland traffic laws include a variety of offenses that may be charged related to “drunk driving” or driving after consuming other inebriating substances.  Each offense addresses a level of impairment and type of substance or combination of substances that caused the impairment.

However, beyond being impaired, to be charged with any DUI or DWI offense in Maryland a driver must be operating or in actual physical control of a motor vehicle.  This means that, in some circumstances, an impaired person that is simply behind the wheel of a parked vehicle, and not actually driving, can be charged with DUI or DWI.

Actual physical control over a vehicle is determined by looking at several factors; whether or not the engine is running or ignition is on, where the person is positioned in the vehicle, if the person is awake, where the ignition key is located, if the headlights are on, and if the vehicle is in a roadway or parked legally.

This is a criminal offense, and a DUI lawyer can provide legal guidance to Maryland drivers who face charges.

What's the Difference between DUI and DWI?

The key distinction between the offense of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and Driving While Impaired (DWI) in Maryland is one of degree.

A DUI is more serious and requires that a driver’s normal coordination be substantially impaired by alcohol, or that a driver’s blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or, more regardless of impairment. A person is considered “per se” under the influence of alcohol if their BAC is .08 or above in Maryland.

A DWI is less serious and requires that alcohol has impaired the driver’s normal coordination to some extent.  DWI does not require any minimum BAC.  A judge or jury is also permitted to find that a defendant is guilty of a DWI based solely on a BAC of .07, unlike a DUI.

This means that you can be charged with, and convicted of a DWI, even though your actual driving was not affected by your alcohol consumption. You do have the right to refuse to submit to a blood or breath test.

Penalties for DUI in Maryland

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI) is a criminal charge in Maryland that can potentially carry a wide variety of penalties. First offenders face up to one year in jail, fines of up to $1,000, and potentially 12 points on your driving record. Second or subsequent offenders face increased maximum jail sentences and fines.  The potential consequences for your driver’s license with Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) include mandatory ignition interlock, suspension or revocation.

In addition to handling DUI cases in Maryland courts, our attorneys have handled thousands of MVA hearings, challenging license suspensions resulting from DUI arrests, and convictions.   Maryland DUI defense lawyer Rand Lucey, argued an MVA license suspension issue before the State's highest court in Annapolis. 

In addition to the above penalties, a DUI/DWI conviction can lead to increased auto insurance premiums, decreased credit ratings, travel restrictions, and various other costs. Any driver in Maryland who has been charged with either offense should consider hiring an experienced Maryland DUI lawyer to help defend against this charge and even beat the case.

Our lawyers will evaluate your traffic case and develop a specific legal strategy to beat the charges or minimize the potential consequences. Please call our Maryland DUI lawyers today to schedule a free consultation.

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The Role of a Maryland DUI Attorney

When facing a DUI or DWI conviction, seeking help from a skilled criminal defense lawyer is critical. The impacts of these convictions are far-reaching and can impact various aspects of your life, from your personal to professional life. 

With help from a Maryland DUI or DWI attorney, you may be able win your case, have your charges dismissed or have your charges reduced. A talented, experienced lawyer, like our team at Jezic & Moyse, will evaluate all aspects of your case to construct a strong defense. Through a meticulous investigation and a robust understanding of Maryland laws, we will fight to secure a more favorable outcome.

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Andrew V. Jezic

In 2022, 2023, and 2024, Superlawyers magazine voted Mr. Jezic as one of the Top 10 Best Lawyers in all of Maryland (among 40,000 lawyers).

From 2016-2021, Superlawyers voted Mr. Jezic to the exclusive group of the very best 100 lawyers in Maryland. From 2011 to 2022, Mr. Andrew Jezic was selected for the very exclusive list of best criminal lawyers by Washingtonian magazine.

Mr. Jezic’s wins in high-profile criminal cases have been featured in many news articles and on national TV shows, including Dateline NBC, Dr. Oz, and the Tucker Carlson show. Mr. Jezic has received nearly 100 percent of very positive reviews from scores of clients.

Maryland criminal defense lawyer Andrew V. Jezic served as a Maryland prosecutor for nearly eight years, prosecuting some of the most serious felony cases in Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties. Mr. Jezic is a past president of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association. In 2017 Mr. Jezic was honored as one of the "Most Influential Marylanders" by the Daily Record, Maryland's preeminent legal and business newspaper.

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Since forming Jezic & Moyse as a founding partner in 2008, Rockville Criminal defense lawyer David H. Moyse has received several notable recognitions, including being named to SuperLawyers since 2013, and the Washingtonian magazine's Top Lawyers list from 2017 to 2023. Mr. Moyse currently serves as co-chair of the Montgomery County Bar Association's Criminal Law Section. He has received nearly 100 percent of glowing reviews from clients.

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Rand W. Lucey

Rand W. Lucey, a partner, primarily handles criminal cases in the state of Maryland. He represents clients facing a variety of criminal and serious traffic charges everyday in both Circuit and District Courts in Maryland.

As a criminal defense lawyer Mr. Lucey has tried two first degree murder cases before a jury. In 2010, Mr. Lucey convinced the highest court of Maryland to hear the appeal of an MVA case in which his client was denied the right to counsel. He went on to argue that case along with Mr. Jezic before the State's highest court.

Rand Lucey has successfully defended clients accused of child abuse and child sexual abuse in administrative appeals and Child in Need of Assistance (CINA) cases.  With their lives and careers upended by false allegations and the ensuing investigations, Mr. Lucey’s victories have allowed his clients to reunite with family, reclaim education careers, and restore their reputations.

Benefits of Hiring Jezic & Moyse for Your DUI/DWI Case

Hiring an experienced Maryland DUI attorney is vital in a DUI or DWI case. With Jezic & Moyse, you can proceed with peace of mind, knowing your case is in good hands. Our defense lawyers have handled thousands of these cases, including over 1,000 MVA hearings, for clients throughout the state.

Our lawyers rank among the best in the state, with Mr. Jezic ranking among the Top 10 best lawyers in all of Maryland and Mr. Moyse being named to SuperLawyers since 2013.

We have an intricate understanding of state and federal laws, using this knowledge to deconstruct DUI and DWI cases and develop specific legal strategies tailored to your case. We understand the stressors that accompany these cases and strive to provide prompt, respectful, and confidential assistance with your situation.

If you’re unsure what your rights or legal options are in your traffic case, we can help. Contact us today to start with a free case evaluation.

Legal Defenses for DUI/DWI in Maryland

When navigating the intricacies of your Maryland DUI or DWI case, your attorney may employ various defenses. Common defenses include challenging the stop, field sobriety test, and breathalyzer test.

Police officers must have reasonable suspicion to pull you over in the first place, and if they didn’t have a reason to stop your vehicle, the evidence they obtained might be thrown out. In other cases, they might administer field sobriety tests incorrectly, which may lead to inaccurate results. Other factors, like fatigue, physical disabilities, and anxiety, can skew the results of a field sobriety test, like the walk-and-turn.

The officer may ask for your consent to measure your blood alcohol content (BAC) using a breathalyzer test. While these tests are widely used, they’re not always accurate, as various factors, like mouth alcohol, can lead to inaccurate results. Additionally, improper calibration of the device or improper administration may cause false results.

Each of these factors can help your legal defense. Your attorney will evaluate your case to determine the best defense to fight for more favorable results.

Selecting the Right DWI Lawyer in Maryland

Given the serious nature of a DWI or DUI in Maryland, selecting a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer is paramount. In your search for a Maryland DUI lawyer, consider all aspects, from their experience to personal compatibility.

Look for a lawyer with ample experience representing clients in DUI and DWI cases in Maryland. The best lawyers are well-versed in these cases and knowledgeable about area-specific nuances that may impact your case.

Choose a lawyer with a strong reputation, solid references, and a remarkable track record of success in these cases. As you narrow your search and talk to lawyers, ask them about their communication skills, legal approach, and fees. Ideally, your lawyers should be transparent about how they can help you with their legal approach and never leave you in the dark without communication.

Some lawyers offer free consultations to get started. Still, asking about consultation fees and any others that may apply to ensure their services are feasible for you is essential. Throughout your search, pay attention to comfortability, as it’s best to choose a lawyer you trust and feel comfortable with.

The lawyer you choose can be the difference between a DWI or DUI conviction and a lesser or dismissed charge, so take care while searching for a knowledgeable fit.

The Impact of a DUI/DWI Conviction on Your Life

A DUI or DWI conviction can have a significant impact on your life, causing ripples that affect various parts of your daily life. Some repercussions, like a suspended license, are immediate, while others may take time.

For instance, finding employment can be complicated, as some employers are hesitant to hire individuals with these convictions. High-profile individuals may experience professional fallout, with their reputation taking a hit and potential job loss.

Those with convictions often see an impact on their automobile insurance. In some cases, your insurance providers may drop your policy, leaving you without insurance. In others, you may notice a substantial increase in monthly and annual premiums.

If you were driving while intoxicated or under the influence and injured another individual, you may face a civil lawsuit with serious consequences.


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