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A Maryland divorce or custody dispute can be one of the most stressful and emotional experiences that a person can go through. What is at stake in your case is often more valuable than any amount of money. No two domestic matters are alike or present the same issues, and the legal system can seem complicated and intimidating. It is important that you have an experienced divorce or custody attorney that will listen and understand your goals, and share your passion in fighting for those goals.

At Jezic & Moyse, LLC our Maryland custody lawyers understand how important your domestic matter is to you, and will help navigate you through the difficult legal issues that it presents. Our lawyers pride themselves on passionately advocating on behalf of our clients while being sensitive to their unique concerns.

Whether it is protecting and taking care of those you love, or securing your financial security, we are not satisfied until your legal case is resolved in the most positive way possible.

What documents do I need for a custody battle?

If you are in a custody battle, supporting documents will be crucial to the success of your case. Some documents you should consider bringing to your custody attorney are:

  • Phone call logs - It is a good idea to keep a log of the phone calls you have made to your child, and to write down the nature of the calls in your log. This log can be used as evidence supporting the claim that you were in constant contact with a child, or the other parent did not attempt to make contact with the child (dependent on your circumstances).
  • Visitation Schedule - This is another document that could be used to support the claims you are trying to make concerning contact with the child. You should record where the visitation took place, and how long the visits were.
  • Custody Evaluations - If the court has ordered any evaluation of the custody of the child, include the evaluation from the evaluator in your documents. Testimonial from an evaluator can be a huge asset to your custody case.
  • Your child's healthcare documents - Healthcare documents can be used to prove that the child remains healthy under your care, or that the child is not in good health while under the care of the other parent.
  • Police reports - If the other parent has been arrested while the child was under their care, courts are most likely going to take this as a sign that they are unfit for care. Police reports can be crucial evidence when it comes to supporting this claim.
  • Child support documents - If you or your partner are paying child support, include the payments in your documentation. This evidence can be used to support the claim that you are making an effort to support the child, or the other party is not making an effort.

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