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Jonathan Carroll

Jonathan Carroll is the partner in charge of the civil litigation department at Jezic and Moyse. Jonathan has been litigating cases in state and federal courts in Maryland for almost 15 years. Much of that time was spent working for insurance companies, representing them directly as well as defending drivers who injured others in car accidents.

As an experienced personal injury trial lawyer, Jonathan now devotes almost his entire practice to helping individuals who have been injured by the carelessness of others. Jonathan aggressively pursues all options to obtain justice for the injured. He is in court several times a month fighting to get every penny his clients deserve and has obtained multiple six-figure settlements for his clients. In one case, Jonathan worked to help a hair dresser obtain enough funds to start a new career after a permanent debilitating shoulder injury forced her to shut down her hair salon.

In 2018, Jonathan Carroll recovered over $300,000 in arbitration against a trucking company in Montgomery County.  His client  was injured after crashing into a tractor trailer that jack-knifed on the interstate.  In 2019, a Montgomery County jury awarded $400,000 to Jonathan’s 89 year-old client in his case against in Allstate.  The entire trial lasted  approximately 6 hours and there was no offer to settle by Allstate.  In 2020, a Montgomery County jury awarded $88,000 to Jonathan’s client who suffered from post-traumatic headaches at work.  Jonathan was able to convince the jury that a real injury occurred despite the client receiving multiple raises and a promotion after the collision.

In April 2015, Jonathan Carroll obtained a seven figure settlement after almost a full year of litigating the case in court.  This crash sidelined Carroll’s client for almost an entire year as he stayed in bed, unable to work or go to school.  Unwilling to leave anything to chance, Carroll brought in a top-notch accident re-constructionist who was able to make some key calculations to show Carroll’s client was not at fault.  Carroll and his client both felt that the only way to reach a fair settlement was to maintain their resolve and if an appropriate settlement was not reached, they would be fully prepared to fight the case in Court.

Civil Litigation Attorney Jonathan Carroll

Having worked for insurance companies for many years, Jonathan recognizes that some insurance companies treat individual claims as business decisions trying to pay out as little money as possible. Jonathan is always working to show insurance companies that it is more advantageous to voluntarily pay the injured parties what they are owed early in the case, instead of delaying the case and forcing it to trial. Often, the judgments awarded at court are higher than the insurance company would have paid if they settled early.

Jonathan spends countless hours counseling his clients on how to navigate the treacherous waters of surviving a devastating car accident. As an experienced injury lawyer, Jonathan recognizes that being injured in a car accident can have far reaching consequences for his clients’ lives. They are often confronted with financial challenges from being out of work, logistical challenges from losing their source of transportation and medical challenges from trying to find the right doctors to address their specific medical concerns. He teaches his clients how to get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible and live their life as an injury survivor and not an injury victim.

Jonathan was born in Midland, Texas and grew up on the emerald coast in Destin, Florida. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in history at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana in 2001. Jonathan earned his Juris Doctorate at Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey in 2004 where he concentrated his studies on civil law and excelled in legal research and writing as well as oral advocacy. In law school, Jonathan also represented indigent clients at the law school’s civil practice clinic.

Jonathan had the privilege of serving as law clerk to the Honorable Delawrence Beard in Circuit Court of Maryland for Montgomery County in 2005.

You may email Mr. Carroll at or call him in the office at 240-292-7200.

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