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David Wooten

David Wooten is a licensed attorney in Maryland and the District of Columbia, representing clients in all types of criminal and serious traffic cases.  His experience ranges from federal drug trafficking to first degree murder, with jury trial experience including: Murder; Attempted Murder; Rape; Robbery; Sexual Abuse; Assault.   Recently, Attorney Wooten has had success getting evidence suppressed in felony drug cases, where the suppression ruling resulted in immediate dismissal of all charges.  One case involved suppression of 15 grams of cocaine, in a bag that was sticking out of the Defendant's pants.  Another case involved an alleged confession that cocaine was hidden inside a wall, where a judge found the defendant's denial more credible than the Detective's story.  Yet another case involved an illegal traffic stop that recovered a backpack full of $14,000 cash and 2 pounds of marijuana.

In 2016, Attorney Wooten saved a man from 96 years of potential jail time by convincing an Annapolis jury not to believe a 15 year old girl's accusations of years of sexual abuse by the man living in her basement.   In 2013, Mr. Wooten acted as co-counsel with Andrew Jezic, defending a man who was facing 85 years in prison for allegedly abusing his step-daughter over several years.  After a four-day jury trial in which Jezic and Wooten presented 14 defense witnesses, the jury deliberated for less than two hours before acquitting the defendant of all charges.  As a criminal defense attorney, Mr. Wooten often finds himself in the middle of heated domestic violence cases.  When a marriage falls apart and physical violence is alleged, divorce, alimony, and custody proceedings can be influenced by criminal charges.  For example, Attorney Wooten won two consecutive protective orders against the same scorned wife who was determined to violate her husband's probation in an attempt to put him in jail and win custody of their two sons.

Mr. Wooten speaks fluent Spanish.  He lived in Ecuador for two years as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer.  As a youth, he traveled the world playing competitive soccer.  In college, he was granted a highly selective scholarship to live in Southeast Asia and work for the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.  Attorney Wooten's multi-cultural life experience aids and informs his practice of law.  Every client's needs are unique.  The decisions a person makes, and the challenges he or she faces, are strongly influenced by their background and upbringing.  Mr. Wooten knows how to paint the right picture for judges and juries, using his client's background as a strength.

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Attorney David Wooten
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