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Michael Stark

Michael Stark comes to the firm after reaching out to Andy Jezic about a murder case. The client was an Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran (and truly, a war-hero) who had defended himself and his family after coming under attack by a Baltimore gang member. There was just one problem: the client didn’t have the means to afford a private attorney. Michael worked hard to tell the client’s story in the media, and after appearing on national radio and cable news programs, he drew notice from a national gun rights advocacy organization that fully funded the defense.

That’s Michael in a nutshell. He views lawyering as problem-solving.

He knows people are facing frightening and difficult challenges, and that is true whether your case is marijuana possession or DUI, or if your case is armed robbery or murder. Nobody wants to be standing alone before a judge while a prosecutor does everything possible to convict them.

The truth is, Michael usually does not want it to come to that either. That’s why he worked out a plea in a car-jacking case that had the accused receive a stet, on the condition that they enroll in community college and submit their grades in six months. And that explains why he asks so much from his DUI clients: he knows that for you to receive the best result, you need be in a position to impress the judge when you arrive to court.

Maybe the most unique aspect of Michael’s background is that he has been in the same shoes as his clients. He’s even been beaten up by police! And in 1994, Michael was a 25-year-old waiter and college student when he got a DUI – from the passenger seat of his car! Michael could only afford a public defender, who begged him to plead to a lesser alcohol charge (probably because she did not believe Michael’s story.) Michael refused to accept guilt for something he did not do, and ultimately the alcohol charge was dismissed.

And then Michael went to law school.

When Michael represents you, you can feel assured that you are speaking with someone that is going to listen closely, ask questions, develop a plan, and fight to get you the best result possible.

Michael and his wife have been married for 18 years, and are in the home stretch of raising their two children. He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (where Organic Chemistry taught him that he needed to be a lawyer), and the University of Virginia School of Law. Whenever time permits, you are likely to find Michael trekking through some woods or snorkeling along an ocean reef.

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Attorney Michael Stark

"I was recently represented by Michael Stark and was extremely fortunate to have him as my lawyer. He helped me not only in court but leading up to the court date. Mr. Stark made sure I was prepared, and I was confident that everything that could be done was done and that he would get me the best possible outcome.

There are so many positives to working with Mr. Stark. He was personable, available, patient, responsive, informed, and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer". – NI Snyder

"My attorney on my case was Mike Stark and all I have to say is Mike and the entire law firm are wonderful people I couldn’t have made it this far without them. Once you’re with them they treat you like family I recommend them for any type of legal trouble you may have they will do everything in your power to help you and your families". – Blax Ro

"I loved the services provided by Mr. Stark. I am so grateful. My daughter’s case was dropped. Thanks to the efforts and hard work of Michael. Thanks so much. I would take him another time if I ever needed a lawyer". – Elizabeth Talyai

"Mike stark is the best lawyer in the State of Maryland by far !!! He fought hard for my freedom and got the results I needed and all charges DISMISSED!!!!" – Joe Russell

"I recommend this law firm for anyone that’s going through anything with any type of case. Michael Stark was my lawyer and he was with me every step of the way with any questions and concerns I had. Plus he got my case dismissed". – Bossman T

"Ali Rickart and Mike Stark helped me through a challenge and got me an excellent result. I been sending friends and they been completely satisfied." - Julio Mejia

"Jezic&Moyse is the best law firm in the Maryland. My cousin was charged with two counts, which in the worst case could result in a prison sentence of two years or/and a fine of $1000. With the help of Mr. Michael Stark and Mr. Alexander Zhong in Jezic&Moyse law firm, he was acquitted. He only needed to perform 24 hrs of community service, and the prosecutor was willing to drop the case. This is great news for him. His case was very difficult to handle. He was prepared for the worst result. He didn’t expect such a good result at all. He really appreciate Mr. Michael Stark and Mr. Alexander Zhong’s efforts in his case. Mr. Michael Stark and Mr. Alexander Zhong not only handle his case seriously and responsibly. They also have the ability to handle complex cases. Alexander Zhong is always supportive and ready to hear him patiently. Mr. Zhong can speak both Mandarin and English, so he helped my cousin a lot with translation and language issues. My cousin feels he was really lucky that he could meet Mr. Stark and Mr. Zhong as well as select Jezic& Moyse law firm". - Liying Wong


"I was recently represented by Michael Stark great attorney very fair guy works hard for the best result stays in contact as much as possible to keep you updated on any question never have I ever thought that I would be put in situation to get a legal attorney but if you ever needed a good attorney he's your guy his law firm I can say is 100% for you." - Marcus Davis

"Michael Stark is a highly knowledgeable, experienced, and professional lawyer. I am extremely glad I had him by my side when I was facing a D.U.I. My charges were dismissed. Eternally grateful. Thank you." - Erick Romero

"Michael stark was amazing, professional! Very happy with the work." - Jose Rodriguez

"Michael Stark was very straight forward & explained everything very well! I will be recommending this firm to everyone!" - Carolina Juarez

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