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Rand W. Lucey


Rand W. Lucey, a founding partner, primarily handles criminal cases in the state of Maryland. He represents clients facing a variety of criminal and serious traffic charges everyday in both Circuit and District Courts in Maryland.

As a criminal defense lawyer Mr. Lucey has tried two first degree murder cases before a jury. In 2010, Mr. Lucey convinced the highest court of Maryland to hear the appeal of an MVA case in which his client was denied the right to counsel. He went on to argue that case along with Mr. Jezic before the State's highest court.


Rand Lucey has successfully defended clients accused of child abuse and child sexual abuse in administrative appeals and Child in Need of Assistance (CINA) cases.  With their lives and careers upended by false allegations and the ensuing investigations, Mr. Lucey’s victories have allowed his clients to reunite with family, reclaim education careers, and restore their reputations.

Rand Lucey also has a successful coram nobis and post-conviction practice, seeking relief for clients who are suffering immigration consequences or other collateral consequences of criminal convictions. In 2010, criminal defense lawyers Lucey and Andrew Jezic convinced a Howard County Circuit Court Judge, in a coram nobis petition, to grant a new trial for their client who had pled guilty to killing her boyfriend in 1994. Despite her confession, the Judge vacated her guilty plea and in 2013, the State dismissed all charges in the case. (See Article).

In 2016 Mr. Lucey obtained a complete acquittal before a Charles County jury in a serious domestic violence case. (See Article; Brother of Michael Jackson accuser acquitted of assault charges).

Criminal defense lawyer Rand Lucey is also experienced in a variety of civil matters. He helped obtain a six figure settlement in a Virginia wrongful death case in which he was admitted as counsel pro hac vice.

Criminal Defense Attorney Rand Lucey

Mr. Lucey recently obtained a complete acquittal from a Talbot County jury in a serious traffic case. He has previously obtained complete jury acquittals for multiple clients in serious felony cases.

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Mr. Lucey is licensed to practice in both the state and federal courts in Maryland and is a member of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association, Montgomery County Bar Association and Maryland State Bar Association.

Rand W. Lucey received his J.D. from the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, where he was a Faculty Merit Scholarship recipient. He earned his B.A. in Economics and Political Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Mr. Lucey is a graduate of Our Lady of Good Counsel High School and is a lifelong resident of Montgomery County.

You may email Mr. Lucey at or call him in the office at 240-292-7200.

“I'm so beyond grateful for Mr. Lucey and Mr. Jezic. They provided me with the security I needed going into my case, especially being my first time. Having being heard and feeling valued and supported was the best feeling going into my hearing. Their presence is without a doubt felt and respected by the court. Jezic & Moyse gets the job done and I again, thank you." – Eden G.

"I looked for Rand Lucey as my lawyer and my experience is that he is one of the best lawyers in Maryland. We went to court with about 5 other lawyers with cases similar to mine. I analyzed the experience that Rand Lucey possesses, which sets him apart from other lawyers. I highly recommend him as an excellent attorney". – Valentin Cabrera

"Attorney Rand Lucey was excellent handling my case, he took the time to explain the legal process and fought hard to get me the absolute best result. I highly recommend this firm for all your legal matters".- Jonatan Munoz

"I have went through several attorneys, until I found the right one over a year ago... The right person was at the Jezic and Moyse Firm... Mr. Rand Lucey...Rand has went above and beyond to provide me with the best services possible. I am grateful for his counsel. I had lost a lot of faith in the legal system before Rand Lucey, since he has represented me he has taken care of my best interest. Rand has restored my faith that there are good attorneys out there. Thank you Jezic and Moyse and most importantly Rand Lucey!" - TAC

"Rand Lucey from Jezic & Moyse, LLC is a superb lawyer. I had a legal issue with some pretty life altering outcomes if I didn't have a lawyer represent me - well he did and his firm did. They had weekend hours during a major snowstorm - and he was there. He was amazing in court, my charges were reduced to just a $150 fine. He and his firm were amazing helpful and put my mind at rest- not to mention my family's minds. I highly recommend Rand and his firm to anyone that needs legal help. I haven't slept that well in a long time. I go to him and his firm for all my legal needs, you should too." - Jonathan

"I was cited for DUI in Montgomery County following a brunch. My BAC was .09. I had never encountered the criminal Justice system before and was very nervous. Rand helped me keep the entire situation in perspective, walked me through the process, was responsive, thoroughly answered my questions, and identified a few defenses to help me secure a favorable outcome. He also prevented me from entirely losing my driving privileges. Ultimately, the DUI charges were dismissed and I plead guilty to reckless driving, receiving one day of unsupervised probation and a fine, all pursuant to a PBJ. I don't know if my result was representative, but I do know that I was absolutely satisfied with the representation I received and without equivocation endorse Attorney Lucey. Please note I also wrote a similar review for his partner David Moyse who was also instrumental in helping me secure this favorable outcome." - Kevin

"Mr. Lucey was totally dedicated to my serious felony jury trial, quickly responding to all my inquiries and meeting with me about two dozen times before trial. He is endlessly patient and honest. He was very flexible around my schedule and my personal needs. He always ensured that my needs and anxieties were addressed. He is also a great team player. His closing argument to the jury was very persuasive and captivating, yet plain spoken, as he spoke directly to the hearts of the jurors. The jury returned a not guilty verdict in a mere two and a half hours. I highly recommend him." - Nicholas

"My attorney Rand Lucey did a great job with my case. He was very knowledgeable and argued passionately on my behalf and got my case dismissed by the judge." - Guy Thompson

"Glad to have worked with this law firm! Alexandra Rickart and Rand Lucey were amazing in assisting with my case, couldn't be happier with the outcome." - Tram Tran

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