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In 2022, 2023, and 2024, Superlawyers magazine voted Mr. Jezic as one the Top 10 Best Lawyers in all of Maryland (among 40,000 lawyers).

Mr. Jezic’s primary focus is winning - a Not Guilty verdict or a dismissal. Otherwise, his goal is to get a result beyond expectations. To this end, Mr. Jezic has built an astonishing record of success in winning jury trials for his clients: 88% of all his jury trials as a defense attorney have resulted in some type of win for the client - a Not Guilty verdict, a dismissal in front of the jury, a hung jury, a mistrial, a windfall deal in the middle of trial, or a New Trial granted by the judge or appellate court.  As an example, for a period of 15 years from 2008 to 2023, Mr. Jezic was undefeated in 15 child abuse jury trials in Montgomery County.

Andrew V. Jezic
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Mr. Jezic’s wins in high-profile criminal cases have been featured in many news articles and on national TV shows, including Dateline NBC, Dr. Oz, and the Tucker Carlson show. Mr. Jezic has received nearly 100 percent of very positive reviews from scores of clients.

Maryland criminal defense lawyer Andrew V. Jezic served as a Maryland prosecutor for nearly eight years, prosecuting some of the most serious felony cases in Montgomery and Anne Arundel counties. Mr. Jezic is a past president of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorney’s Association. In 2017 Mr. Jezic was honored as one of the "Most Influential Marylanders" by the Daily Record, Maryland's preeminent legal and business newspaper.

From 2016-2021, Superlawyers voted Mr. Jezic to the exclusive group of the very best 100 lawyers in Maryland. From 2011 to 2023, Mr. Andrew Jezic was selected to the very exclusive list of best criminal lawyers by Washingtonian magazine.

As a Maryland criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Jezic aggressively represents defendants around the state and in Washington, D.C. facing such serious charges as murder, rape and armed robbery. In his 28 years as a litigator, Mr. Jezic has handled over 140 jury trials and 100 homicide cases.

Mr. Jezic has been selected to three of the most prestigious organizations for any trial lawyer, reflecting his reputation as one of the leading criminal defense attorneys in Maryland.  First, Mr. Jezic is a Fellow in the American College of Trial Lawyers, an invitation-only group of the leading one percent of trial lawyers in each state. In September, Mr. Jezic will become the Chair of the ACTL’s State Committee.

Second, he was appointed by Governor Moore to be the Chair of the Trial Courts Nominating Commission for Montgomery County, which is the final vetting organization for judicial candidates, passing a streamlined list on to the Governor.  Third, Mr. Jezic was a long-standing member of the Maryland State Bar's Criminal Pattern Jury Instruction Committee, which drafts the final language of the official jury instructions given at the end of a criminal trial.

Three other achievements highlight Mr. Jezic’s status as the “go-to” criminal defense attorney in the state for the highest profile and most challenging cases.  First, Mr Jezic is a co-author of the widely respected book, Maryland Law of Confessions, first published in 2003 by Thompson/West and now in its 20th edition. Mr. Jezic’s 1700-page book has been cited or quoted in twelve reported opinions by Maryland’s highest and intermediate appellate courts. Judge Charles E. Moylan, Jr., a scholar on Maryland criminal law, wrote in a published opinion: “The leading academic authority on confession law in Maryland is Jezic, Molony, Nolan and Woodward, Maryland Law of Confessions.”

Second, Mr. Jezic frequently lectures to lawyers and judges on criminal law around the state, including four lectures to judges only at their “Judicial College”.

Third, Mr. Jezic is often called upon as an expert in criminal law to testify in court and in front of the Legislature in Annapolis.  Most recently, he was hired as the criminal law expert by the Attorney Grievance Commission for the disciplinary proceedings against a formerly elected county prosecutor who was accused of multiple ethical violations.


Trial Wins

Mr. Jezic has won many acquittals and dismissals in high-profile and serious felony cases. For a small sample of these success stories, please see the link to Recent News.

In 2024, Mr. Jezic achieved a surprising jury acquittal in Talbot County in a sex offense case in which the jury heard every detail of the client’s previous conviction of a sex offense 20 years ago.  See article.

In 2023, Mr. Jezic scored multiple jury acquittals in serious felony cases.

In 2022, in a First Degree Murder case, a jury in Anne Arundel County found Mr. Jezic’s client Not Guilty of all charges after a two-week trial (read article).

In 2022 after a grueling 9-day trial, a Frederick jury found Mr. Jezic’s client Not Guilty of Rape, the second such verdict of Not Guilty by a Frederick jury in a two-week period (read article).

In 2021, Mr. Jezic convinced a Howard County jury to acquit his client of all charges in a homicide case in which the client was accused of killing his own son (read article).

Mr. Jezic also won a Not Guilty verdict on all charges in a murder case in Prince George’s County, after a three-week trial, in November, 2018.  (See Washington Post article and watch Dateline episode).

In 2018 in a murder case in Washington County, Mr. Jezic achieved an acquittal on all murder and attempted murder charges (read article).


In 2018 Mr. Jezic represented one of the most critical witnesses in the FBI’s investigation of the Supreme Court nominee, and now Justice, Brett Kavanaugh.

In 2017, after a grueling three-week murder trial, a Montgomery County jury was completely hung after 17 hours of deliberation, giving Mr.Jezic's client a chance to fight another day for an acquittal (Washington Post).



"Andrew Jezic was retained based on the recommendation of a highly respected attorney who stated “as a prosecutor going into a jury trial the last defense attorney I would want to be looking at is Andrew Jezic”. Magnificent Person Formidable Attorney. Andy surrounded me with the finest group of people including Gary Smith and Matthias Meuwissen who with his leadership upheld their professionalism, knowledge, ethics, and compassion for my wife and I through the worst time of our lives. Everyone wants to win, but Andy and his team are willing to work tirelessly to prepare to win for you. Andy is an attorney who conducts himself as a gentleman at all times who will turn into a shark for you if it is appropriate. At the end of the jury trial, I was acquitted of all charges. I was asked if Andy was as good as I thought he would be. My response was I had no idea that good existed." - Stephen Tucker

“If you are in a bind and need legal experience Jezic & Moyse is hands down who you want in your corner. When I first met Mr. Jezic I was facing false murder charges with no bond. From day 1 facing a very long and stressful process of 3 years dating back to 2018 the Jezic & Moyse team has been there every step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Jezic he’s very determined to get you the best outcome possible while also educating you along the way. I assure you Mr. Jezic never steered me in the wrong direction and was very easy to stay in contact with if I had questions or doubts. With all that being said I was acquitted of the charges and now able to continue a normal life with my fiancé & children. So again I thank Jezic & Moyse for there hard work and dedication it will not be forgotten. I highly recommend this law firm. I highly recommend Mr. Jezic.” -Pierre Queen

"I was represented by Mr. Andrew Jezic in a Jury Trial for a Criminal Case that turned my life and the lives of my loved ones upside down in the blink of an eye. Mr. Jezic’s cross examination of the State’s witnesses was a perfectly strategical set of questions to uncover the truth. Observing Mr. Jezic’s ability to unmask the State’s witnesses and hear them contradict themselves, was the perfect display of his knowledge, many years of experience , professionalism, and passion. And to finalize, his closing statement was truthful, genuine, sincere. From the beginning until the end of the case, I could not only see but also feel Mr. Jezic’s genuine and absolute true concern for me and my familiy’s future. […] His constant communication with me and my family through every step of the case made us always feel that he was there for us. His  words of guidance and moral support kept me on my feet at all times. - Orlando Coffield

The jury found me NOT GUILTY on ALL charges, including:

1st Degree Murder of my husband of 25 years

I owe so much for all the hard work my lawyers and their team did to get this case done on the first try. I live again as a free woman due to all their time, commitment, and tenacity.

The aftermath of being detained without bond for 17 months is such a mentally and physically horrendous ordeal to endure, especially when you have been wrongly accused. Mr. Jezic came and gave me the realistic reasons to stay calm and reassured. That honesty and guidance helped get me through this nightmare. Everyone as a combined force worked for a defense that showed the truth – I am innocent of the murder of my husband.

Mr. Jezic’s brilliant cross-examinations brought out the truth, and his two-hour closing argument was a true masterpiece. After hours of deliberation, I heard the jury say those two magic words, “NOT GUILTY”, on all counts, and I got my freedom and life back. God Bless.

"It’s difficult for me to explain how horrific & traumatizing it was for me face the charges I was facing, in addition to having to go through a stressful two week Jury Trial. What I can say is Andy Jezic & his legal team did everything they could to make me feel as comfortable as possible constantly reassuring me that everything will be okay and reminding me how hard they are working (special thank you to Gary Smith, Reem Rouzky, Andy Jezic, and Howard Walsh III). Andy Jezic and his team are not only dedicated to getting the best results, but they also show compassion to the client. I am extremely happy with the overall work put in by the Jezic & Moyse legal team. From hearing to hearing fighting motion after motion, preparing me for Jury Trial, Andy Jezic’s Jury trial presentation & representation of me in my opinion was Flawless. Thank you Jezic & Moyse firm for helping me & keeping my family together." - Archie Bowland

"Andrew Jezic is a top notch lawyer who always is available and listens to not only his clients but their family as well. My brother was falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He was with us every step of the way. Andrew responded to every call and text and made sure to keep us updated. He always believed in my brother’s innocence and demonstrated fully during the jury trial. I was there in the trial and watch his professionalism and his dedication to his client. His intricate knowledge of the law and his passion to defend his client makes him stand above and beyond all other lawyers. He is an outstanding honest lawyer who fights for what is right and works extremely hard for his client. You can trust him, he has all my respect and admiration for his excellent work. I gave him 5 stars because that is the maximum but if I could I would give him more." - Ana F.

"Andy Jezic and David Moyse is an awesome team...with a strong team effort in their office. Thank God for Reem! These two men delivered a NOT GUILTY as I expected, but we all know that it's questionable in the courtroom. This was a successful 6-day jury trial and I learned much about the law and the preponderance of evidence rule." - Laurie Sayles

"One year ago I was accused of a very serious felony sex offense and from that moment my life changed forever. Thanks to God, and Andrew Jezic and Wilfred Michael Stark, and all their experience and knowledge about the law which led to a jury trial acquittal. They fought day and night to give me my life back and today, I can honestly say that I owe Andrew Jezic and Mike Stark more than anyone can imagine, not just for setting me free but also for believing in my innocence."  - Marcos

"I was looking at 35 years in jail! My case was very bad and difficult. I was accused of child abuse and sex abuse of a minor. Due to the nature of my case, it went through jury trial for almost four days. My case was represented by one of the TOP CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS IN MARYLAND, Andrew Jezic. Andy is very experienced and also one of the top 10 best lawyers in Maryland. Andy took care of my case very professionally. He made sure I was informed and understood every step he was taking about my case. He was always available anytime I had a question. Either going to the office, phone calls, emails, or even texts. Throughout his communication, I had confidence that I was in good hands. Andy NEVER puts money as his first priority, BUT his clients. Through his hard work and experience, I was found NOT guilty on all counts. Not forgetting his professional staff as well, I would say my case was handled so well, and well informed with everything. I now can get enough sleep and enjoy my life like every one else." - Francis

"Speaking on behalf of the entire family, should anyone be in search of an excellent Law Firm to represent them on behalf of a Criminal Offense then we highly recommend Jezic & Moyse.
Mr. Jezic's strategy in the Courtroom is an approach unlike any we have ever seen, as he encourages the Jury to like both him, as well as the Defendant he is representing. Of course, he doesn't have to work hard at it, being he is an individual already very likable by nature. His defense technique is very impressive, and he has more than fulfilled our expectations. Mr. Jezic will give your case his undivided attention making it his main priority of focus. After Jury selection, a 6 day trial immediately followed. At the end of everyday Mr. Jezic gave our case more than One-Hundred Percent, and spent countless hours with his client in preparation for their testimony.
The severity of our case could be classified as a worse case scenario with a miraculous outcome as an end result. All due to Mr. Jezic's persistence throughout the trial and impeccable defense. The entire Courtroom, as well as the News Media covering the trial all recognized the Jury's Deliberations as the Miracle it truly was.
Mr. Jezic is a go getter, as he puts a great deal of time into his cases by working diligently and is NOT intimidated, nor is he defeated easily. To anyone who may be considering Mr. Jezic as their Defense Lawyer: no matter the severity of your case, he is definitely up for the challenge." -Sharri

"Andy Jezic is a profound professional attorney at the top of his craft. What sets him apart from other attorneys, is his ability to remove the anxiety from the allegations for both you and your family members.

Andy goes above and beyond to help you understand what is going on with your case from your first consultation to closure. His skill set to take "lawyer language" and translate it into layman's terms is a natural ability that he owns. Communication with Andy was simple, he always responded and never left us guessing or wondering what the next strategic move will be.

Andy came out of his day-to-day jurisdiction to represent me for what the judicial system would consider a minor charge but for us it was major. Andy understood how much it meant to me and my family to protect my reputation, my livelihood and my family’s welfare.

Jezic will be our family and friends’ lawyer for all future litigious matters. I strongly recommend Andy Jezic as your attorney of choice; he gets it, he cares, he's family oriented, an excellent communicator and most of all his actions will prove it!" – Mark Rinker

In 2017 Mr. Jezic achieved success for a client in one of the highest profile cases in Montgomery County in decades - in the "Rockville High School Rape" case - guiding his client through a maelstrom of national media attention, including pejorative comments about his client from White House spokesman, Sean Spicer.  Contrary to all expectations and hype, all rape and sex offense charges against Mr. Jezic's client were completely dismissed (See Post article and see Channel 5 interview).

In 2017, Mr. Jezic convinced the prosecutor on the eve of a jury trial to completely dismiss all sex offense charges against his client. (See Post article)

In 2015, a jury watched a videotaped interrogation of Mr. Jezic's client, during which the client all but confessed to the crime.  After a six-day trial, the jury rendered a surprising verdict, acquitting Mr. Jezic's client of all charges. (See Post article).

In four different jury trials, after Mr. Jezic’s tough cross-examination of the State’s main witnesses, prosecutors gave up and dismissed all charges in front of the jury.

Video Gallery

In 2010, prosecutors in two separate jurisdictions dismissed the cases against Mr. Jezic's clients, after the jury in each case had heard Mr. Jezic's winning cross-examination of the complaining witnesses (See Post Article). Remarkably, yet again in 2012, prosecutors dismissed all murder charges on the third day of a jury trial in Prince Georges County, after the Jezic team's vigorous investigation and opening defense. (See Washington Post article).

In 2015 the prosecutor in Prince George's County dismissed another serious stabbing case on the third day of the jury trial after Mr. Jezic's cross-examination of numerous eye witnesses.

In 2010 and 2011, Maryland criminal lawyer Andrew V. Jezic convinced judges in two separate cases to vacate his clients' guilty pleas, entered with another criminal defense lawyer, whereby both clients would have been deported after serving lengthy prison sentences. In both cases, Mr. Jezic's clients were eventually exonerated, on the felony charges to which they had plead guilty, after jury trials and are now free of any threat of jail or deportation.

In one of those cases in 2011, State v. Cuque, the jury acquitted Mr. Jezic's client of all charges despite having viewed a videotaped confession by the client (See Gazette article).

Mr. Jezic's most well known case is the successful defense of Gary James Smith, in the "Army-Ranger murder case" - another of the most high-profile cases in Montgomery County in the past several decades.  Mr. Smith was a Sergeant in the Army Rangers, having served in five combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He was accused of murdering his fellow Army Ranger, a close friend and roommate in Gaithersburg.   After two lengthy trials, and two appellate reversals, Mr. Smith successfully ended his case with time served and unsupervised probation, eight years after the original arrest.  Mr. Smith now is a law clerk in the law offices of Jezic & Moyse, working on Mr. Jezic's various murder cases. (See many articles from 2006 to 2015, and see hour-long show about Gary Smith on Dr. Oz.)

In 2018 Mr. Jezic argued a significant criminal case before the State’s highest court. In 2010, Mr. Jezic argued two significant criminal cases before Maryland's highest court. In 2011, the State's highest Court, on the same day, reversed two other complex cases handled by Mr. Jezic at the trial level, thereby giving Mr. Jezic's clients a new chance at freedom. The State's highest Court reversed yet another of Jezic's cases in 2011, giving his client a new trial in a murder case. Mr. Jezic argued another case before Maryland's top Court in June, 2012.

In 2023, 2022, 2018 and 2015, Mr. Jezic was a featured speaker to a seminar composed only of judges. In 2014 Mr. Jezic was a featured speaker for the fourth year in a row at the Alan Goldstein criminal law lecture in Prince George's County, the premier criminal law seminar for lawyers in Maryland. In 2010 Mr. Jezic was a featured speaker at the annual Law Day seminar in Montgomery County, and was asked to speak at a Cross-Examination Workshop for the Montgomery County Bar’s Criminal Law Section in October, 2008, as well as at the Office of the Public Defender’s state-wide Training Seminar in May, 2008.

As a Maryland criminal defense attorney, Mr. Jezic has taught full semesters at the Law School of American University and also at Montgomery College.

Mr. Jezic was appointed by two Governors in 2006 and 2007 to be one of five members to serve on the State Board of Elections in Annapolis. He is the former co-Chair of the Montgomery County Bar Association's Criminal Law Section. As Chair of the Maryland Hispanic Bar's Judicial Interviewing Committee for eight years, he was responsible for interviewing all applicants in the state for any judicial vacancy.

Mr. Jezic is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association and District of Columbia Bar Association, as well as the Bar Associations of Montgomery, Prince George's and Anne Arundel counties. He is an active member of the Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Maryland Hispanic Bar Association.

Mr. Jezic is fluent in Spanish.

Mr. Jezic received his J.D. from the University of Maryland Law School, and his B.A. from Georgetown University. He is admitted to practice law in Maryland and the District of Columbia, as well as the United States District Courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia. He is also admitted to the bar of the United States Supreme Court.

Please email Mr. Jezic at or call him in the office at 240-292-7200.

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