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Our experienced Maryland criminal defense lawyers At Jezic & Moyse, LLC, will aggressively search for every conceivable avenue of defense to beat your gun charges.

Too many defense lawyers begin talk of a plea bargain too soon when they hear of a confession or other incriminating evidence against their client. Our Maryland criminal defense team does not give in until the last bit of aggressive defense strategy is exhausted.

If there is an unusual, technical defense to your charges, our Maryland criminal defense lawyers will find it. If there is a creative way for you to avoid the normal punishment for a given set of circumstances, we will find it.(See client testimonials).

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Gun Charges in Maryland

Firearm possession is an important right protected by the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Nevertheless, Maryland has some of the toughest restrictions and punishments for firearm offenses in the country. Here is some basic information you should know as you begin your defense.

The vast majority of gun-related charges in Maryland tend to be unlawful purchase of a firearm, or possession or an unregistered firearm. Under state law, it is illegal to carry, wear or transport a handgun without the proper permits, regardless of whether you are carrying it openly or concealed. While occupational exceptions do apply, these are limited to law enforcement personnel.

Penalties for misdemeanor offenses range from three months in a county jail to three years in a state facility, and carry fines from $250 to $2,500.

Repeat offenders could face up to ten years in a state correctional facility. If you are charged with possession of such a weapon on public school grounds, the mandatory minimum sentence is 90 days for a first offense, and up to ten years for a second offense. Further, conviction of use of a handgun during the commission of a separate crime carries a mandatory minimum sentence of five years in a state prison, and a maximum of twenty years. This includes charges like assault, attempted murder, and homicide. Persons convicted of such offenses must serve the minimum five years before they are even eligible for parole. If you're facing these charges in addition to gun charges, you will want to fortify your defense by hiring additional legal counsel, such as a Maryland murder attorney.

Given the harshness of the consequences of gun offenses in Maryland, if you are facing such a charge you can help protect yourself by contacting an experienced Maryland gun lawyer to lessen the punishment or to beat the charges.

Handguns that are banned in the State of Maryland

Handguns manufactured after the year of 1985 have to be approved for sale by the Maryland Handgun Roster. This means that just because a handgun is not on the banned list, does not necessarily mean it has been approved. Check with a Maryland Handgun Roster representative before you decide to legally purchase a handgun in the state of Maryland. The following lists banned handguns in the state of Maryland: 

(1) Seecamp LWS-25 pistol
(2) Precision Small Parts PSP - 25 pistol, .25 ACP, 6-shot magazine
(3) Freedom Arms Model 22 Long Rifle Mini Revolver, .22 LR, 5-shot single action rimfire revolver
(4) Freedom Arms Model 22 Magnum Mini Revolver, .22 MAG, 4-shot single action rimfire revolver
(5) American Derringer Model 1,. This model is available in over 55 calibers, which range from .22 LR through .45-70, 2-shot derringer, .410 shot shell.
(6) American Derringer Model 11, .38 SP, 2-shot derringer
(7) Lorcin Engineering Model L-25 pistol, .25 ACP, 7-shot semi-automatic pistol
(8) North American Arms Model NAA-22M,.22 MAG, 5-shot mini-revolver
(9) North American Arms Model NAA-22LR, .22 LR, 5-shot mini-revolver
(10) North American Arms Model NAA-22S, .22 Short, 5-shot mini-revolver
(11) Beretta Model 20 pistol, .25 ACP
(12) Grendel Model P-10 pistol, .380 ACP
(13) Excam/Targa Model GT28B & GT28C pistols
(14)  Jennings Model J-22 pistol, .22LR
(15)  Jennings Model J-25 pistol, .25 ACP
(16)  FIE Models D86B & D86C single-shot derringers
(17)  SWD, Inc. (Streetsweeper) Ladies Home Companion, .45-70 cal., double action design utilizing spring wound 12-shot rotary mag
(18)  Quality Firearms Inc, Western Ranger R22B & R22C revolvers, .22LR/.22MAG, single action
(19)  Quality Firearms Inc, Models SA25B, SA25C, & Tigress 25 pistols, .25 ACP
(20)  Encom Model MP-45 pistol, .45 ACP
(21)  Bryco Model 32 pistol, .32 ACP
(22)  Bryco Model 38 pistol, .380 ACP
(23)  North American Arms Model Black Widow revolver, .22 LR
(24)  North American Arms Model Mini Master, .22 WMR
(25)  ACCU-TEK Model AT-380 pistol, .380 ACP
(26)  Sites Industries Model Spectre HC, .45 ACP
(27)  Jennings/Bryco Model 59, 9MM, .380 & .40 S&W
(28) Intratec Model Protec, .25 ACP & .22 LR
(29) Intratec Cat 9, Cat 380, Cat 45, 9MM, .380 ACP & .45 ACP
(30) Heritage Mfg., Inc. Stealth & Stealth Shadow, 9MM & .40S&W
(31) Taurus M606 revolver, .357 MAG
(32) Autuga Arms Mark II pistol, .32 ACP
(33) Kel-Tec P-32 pistol, .32 ACP
(34) Carpati Model 95, .380 ACP
(35) Vintage Ordnance FP-45 Liberator .45 ACP
(36) Cobra Model Long Bore , (Multi Calibers)
(37) Cobra Model Big Bore, (Multi Calibers)
(38) Bond Arms Mini (Multi Calibers) 38/357
(39) Masterpiece Arms Protector II (Model # 380S-11)
(40) Cobra Denali (.380 ACP)
(41) PTAC Bullfrog (.22 LR/WMR)
(42) Davis Industries DM22
(43) Calico Liberty III (9mm)
(44) American Derringer M-4 (45 Colt/410 Gauge)
(45) Phoenix Arms Raven – (25 ACP)
(46) Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard – (.22 LR Caliber )

If you face one or more of these charges it is crucial that you contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your rights.

For more detail regarding Maryland firearm laws you can read the Maryland Official Code.

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