Maryland bench warrant attorney

Attorney David Wooten saves client from DUI conviction

Attorney David Wooten won a Montgomery County DUI trial in front of an extremely harsh sentencing judge, who would have punished the defendant far worse than any other judge in the county if the defendant were convicted. The defendant blew a .19 BAC, and had several open beer bottles in the car. Against his attorney’s advice, the defendant also appeared in court without completing any alcohol education classes beforehand.

Lucky for the defendant, Maryland DUI Attorney Wooten successfully argued that the police officer had no legal basis to stop the vehicle. The officer testified that the defendant’s vehicle was swerving in its lane, driving 20 mph below the speed limit, speeding up and slowing down, crossed over a solid white line, and had a broken brake light. A video recording from the officer’s own vehicle directly contradicted the officer’s testimony, and the judge dismissed the case before ever hearing about a .19 BAC or open beer bottles in the vehicle.

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