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An Overview of Divorce Law in Maryland

In Maryland, divorce law is complicated and can be challenging to navigate. That’s why it’s important to understand family laws and how it applies in your case. Hiring a family attorney or qualified divorce lawyer with experience in local divorce law can help ensure a successful outcome for your divorce proceedings.

The process for filing for divorce in Maryland begins with either party filing a complaint for divorce in the Circuit Court for their county. The complaint must provide details about the marriage, including the date of marriage, whether there are marital assets, children, and what the party is requesting of the Court. Once the complaint has been filed, it must be served to the other party, who will have 30 days to respond.

If the divorce is contested, a divorce attorney can help their client find common ground and reach an agreement through mediation. If the parties are able to come to an agreement, the divorce attorney can prepare any marital settlement agreements and fill all appropriate motions. The parties will have to appear for a Merits Hearing prior to the divorce being finalized in the Judgement of Absolute Divorce.

However, it the parties are unable to reach an agreement, a divorce attorney can file appropriate motions with the court and prepare their client for all court appearances. Without an agreement, the parties will present their evidence to a judge at the Merits Hearing. At that hearing, the parties will have to present their evidence for the grounds of divorce, marital property, and the best interest of the minor children. In the end the Judge will determine whether there are grounds for divorce, the equitable distribution of property, custody, and all other issues requested by the parties.

Possible Grounds for Divorce

Family lawyers in Maryland can help individuals seeking a divorce learn more about the grounds for which they can seek out a legal separation. The possible grounds for divorce involve the following:

  • Adultery: Defined as extramarital intercourse or illicit sexual relations between an individual who is already married and another person besides their spouse. If an individual can provide sufficient proof that their spouse has committed adultery, they may be eligible for a divorce under this ground.
  • Desertion: This occurs when one party deserts the other party without consent and with no reasonable expectation of reconciliation. Additionally, if one spouse has abandoned the family home for 12 months with no reasonable expectation of reconciliation, they may be eligible for divorce on the grounds of desertion.
  • Cruelty of treatment: This refers to behaviors considered inhumane and brutal, including emotional and physical abuse. The behavior must be so severe as to make it intolerable for one spouse to remain in the marriage. Vicious conduct is similar to cruelty but involves extreme hostility towards the other party, which endangers their physical or mental well-being.
  • Imprisonment: Committing a crime is also a possible ground for divorce in Maryland. In this case, the spouse must have been convicted of a felony and sentenced to serve at least three years in prison.
  • Mental incapacity or severe mental illness: This refers to any mental condition that renders one party unable to fulfill family obligations or make reasonable decisions about the future of the marriage.

Best Lawyers in Maryland

Expert Divorce Attorneys in Rockville, MD

Divorce attorneys like Jezic & Moyse provide an incredible service to their clients, ensuring that their legal rights are not infringed upon during one of the most difficult times of their lives. If you or someone you know are considering divorce, it is essential to find a reliable lawyer to fully understand your situation and help protect your interests.

With our team of experienced family lawyers in Rockville, we are dedicated to assisting with even the most complex divorce cases. So don’t put off dealing with the hard decisions when it comes to family law — schedule a consultation with one of our professional divorce lawyers in Rockville today.

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