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Autumn 2015

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney, Jonathan Carroll, gets justice for a family of five.

Injury attorney Jonathan Carroll and his clients were unfazed when the insurance company said its top offer for a family of five injured in a rear-end accident would be less than 50% of the total medical bills, leaving nothing for pain and suffering and lost wages. The insurance company reasoned that the family of five could not have been hurt, because everyone treated with the same doctor, began treatment at the same time and ended treatment at approximately the same time. Unwilling to allow the insurance company to have the last say, Carroll had his clients explain to the Judge exactly how the accident had affected their lives. They explained that the reason they treated with the same doctor was because they lived together and only had one vehicle between them. They would often go to the doctor together, but not always. The Court sided with Carroll’s clients awarding each of them their full medical bills as well as an additional amount for pain and suffering. If you feel like you are not getting a fair shake from the insurance companies, talk to the personal injury lawyers at Jezic and Moyse for a free consultation

Summer 2015

Maryland Injury Attorney Grabo wins disputed liability case.

Jezic and Moyse attorney, Robert Grabo won a difficult red light-green light case in the Montgomery County District Court. This case involved a T-bone collision at an intersection in Silver Spring, Maryland with both sides claiming to have had a green light. This is a common theme for contested traffic light accidents, “who had the green light?” Mr. Grabo proved his case by carefully walking his client through the collision and his injuries as well as raising credible questions about the defendant’s story during cross examination. After hearing all of the evidence, the Judge found in favor of the Plaintiff and awarded a substantial judgment given the injuries sustained. If you are involved in an intersectional collision, it is important to collect as much evidence as safely possible to help your attorney win your case.

1) Call 9112) take photographs of the scene of the collision, including the vehicles involved

2) collect other driver’s and other witness information

3) seek medical treatment, if needed

4) and contact a good attorney.

If you are injured in a crash, contact the attorneys at Jezic and Moyse, LLC and let us begin working on your case today.

Summer 2015

Help! The Police Report Got the Entire Accident All Wrong

Car accident victims often become discouraged after being injured in a car accident and discovering the police report incorrectly puts them at fault. While we generally have excellent law enforcement officers in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area, the police do not have the final say in who was at fault in causing a car accident; judges and juries get the final say. The police officer who writes the report typically was not a witness to the accident and sometimes the officer does not even interview all the drivers and witnesses involved in the accident. In most cases, the Judge or jury does not even get to see the police report. Through vigorous representation, the accident attorneys at Jezic and Moyse have obtained numerous judgments and settlements for clients injured in car accidents where the police report mistakenly put them at fault. Earlier this year, the attorneys at Jezic and Moyse obtained a seven figure settlement for a client where the police report stated that the client’s speed contributed to the accident, which would have barred the client’s recovery entirely. Don’t let the police have the final in your car accident case. Please get a free second opinion from the accident attorneys at Jezic and Moyse on your case.

Summer 2015

Jezic and Moyse Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll Wins Difficult Car Accident Case

When receiving word that the insurance company was rejecting all responsibility for their driver’s negligence, it was frustrating and annoying. Undeterred, personal injury lawyer Jonathan Carroll filed a lawsuit to force the insurance company to recognize the harm their driver caused in the car accident. While the entire process took more than a couple months, Carroll and his client preserved and finally got recognition from the Court that the accident and the client’s injuries were caused by the other driver. Carroll’s client received an award that paid for all of her medical bills, her lost wages and an additional amount for the pain, suffering and inconvenience she had to endure as a result. If you have been involved in an accident and the insurance company is failing to recognize the obvious, come see the attorneys at Jezic and Moyse for a free consultation. While every case is different, they can give you an honest assessment of your car accident case, free of charge.

Summer 2015,

Justice After a Hit -And-Run Crash

A hit-and-run driver crashed at a very high speed into the rear of our client’s car in Maryland and fled the scene, leaving our client seriously injured. Our senior citizen client had been driving his employer’s Virginia-registered vehicle in Maryland on business, making the entire matter even more stressful. We helped our client secure health care and processed a claim under his available Personal Injury Protection to accelerate his access to care. During the course of his recovery, our client needed significant rehabilitative care and Jezic & Moyse were able to convince the uninsured motorist liability carrier (where our client’s vehicle was registered) to accept liability in substitute for the wrongful driver, and to cover the bills. Uninsured motorist coverage pays liability claims in the event that a wrongful driver lacks insurance or fails to supply proof of valid coverage, including “hit and run” crashes. Ultimately, Jezic & Moyse were successful in negotiating with the uninsured motorist carrier for the gross sum of $23,900.00, leaving in our client’s pocket after the payment of all medical bills, legal fees and related costs a sum of over $15,000.00 in compensation to our client for all that he endured at the hands of a hit-and-run driver.

Summer 2015,

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll Obtains Much Needed Assistance for his Client with a Settlement in Excess of $1,000,000

After almost a full year of litigating the case in court, Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Jonathan Carroll obtained a seven-figure settlement for his client who was severely injured in a motor vehicle accident. This crash sidelined Carroll’s client for almost an entire year as he stayed in bed, unable to work or go to school. Unwilling to leave anything to chance, Carroll brought in a top-notch accident re-constructionist who was able to make some key calculations to show Carroll’s client was not at fault. Carroll and his client both felt that the only way to reach a fair settlement was to maintain their resolve and if an appropriate settlement was not reached, they would be fully prepared to fight the case in Court.

Spring 2015

What is my Injury case worth?

After being injured in a car accident, incurring medical bills, losing time from work and just generally feeling rotten, it is not uncommon to wonder, “how much money am I going to get”. Having counseled hundreds of clients who have been hurt by the mistakes of others, I am often asked this question. The very honest and often frustrating answer is, “it depends.” Every case really is different and a multitude of factors are considered in evaluating a case.
Some of those factors are obvious. For example, the amount of medical bills, length of treatment and amount of damage to the vehicles involved almost always weigh heavily in evaluating a case. Bruises, scaring and permanent injuries are also big factors that should be fully examined.

However, the injury attorneys at Jezic & Moyse, LLC also take the time to investigate the less obvious components of an injury claim. For example, did the injury limit a mother’s ability to give her young child the nightly bath, or did it stop an elderly couple from taking their daily walk together? We strive to dig deeper to understand the human component to an injury claim that goes beyond the medical bills and lost wages. A student athlete who has to sit out a season of basketball because of an injury is going to be damaged in ways that will not fully explained in a medical record or on a medical bill.

If you have questions about the compensation for your injuries, contact the attorneys at Jezic & Moyse, LLC for a free consultation.

Fall of 2014

Maryland Personal Injury Attorney Wins Contested Parking Lot Case

Summer of 2014

Spring of 2014

Summer of 2013

Please keep in mind that every case is different and that these results do not reflect the value of your case.

No outcome is guaranteed. To learn more about the value of your case, please contact one of our Maryland Personal Injury Attorneys.

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