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January, 2024:

McDaniel man found not guilty of sex offense; mistrial ruled on assault

July, 2023:

Bethesda man found guilty but not criminally responsible for murder of stepfather

September, 2022:

‘I’m thanking God’: Jury acquits Laurel man in 2021 murder at Severn party

August, 2022:

Monrovia man ordered to serve home detention for death of infant daughter

May, 2022:

Frederick man found not guilty of rape

April, 2022:

Frederick man only gets 10 years for fatally stabbing mother

November, 2021:
Howard County jury clears father for killing son in self defense (WMAR Baltimore)

June, 2021:
Appeals court orders new trial for Silver Spring man convicted of rape (Bethesda Magazine)

February, 2021:
Probation for cyclist in Capital Crescent Trail assault that went viral

December, 2019:
Maryland judge releases accused child molester on $0 bond, victim only 8 years old at time  (WJLA)

Update: Jury Corrects Media Rush to Judgment and Acquits Jezic’s Client on all Counts in just Three Hours

December, 2018:
Hung Jury after six-day trial against long-time physician in Montgomery County. (

November 20, 2018:
Jezic's client NOT Guilty of murder in Prince George’s County. (The Washington Post)

September 24, 2018:
Jezic's client gets NOT Guilty verdict on all murder counts. (

October 21, 2017:
The 'Rockville rape case' erupted as national news. It quietly ended Friday. (The Washington Post)

October, 2017:
Hung jury in three-week murder trial
The Washington Post

May 8, 2017:
Lawyer Andrew Jezic explained why rape charges were dropped against the teens in Rockville High case.

May 8, 2017:
Deportation likely if found guilty on child pornography charges, says Sanchez's attorney Andrew Jezic.

May 5, 2017:
In high-profile Rockville School Rape case, all felony charges are dismissed.
Washington Post

April 21, 2017:
Charges dropped in child-abuse case. 'I knew I was innocent,' says Maryland counselor.
Washington Post

November 3, 2016:
Federal jury award $600k to man shot by P.G police.
The Daily Record

August, 2016:
Partner Rand Lucey scores surprising acquittal before Charles County jury . Maryland Independent

October 27, 2015:
Man found NOT GUILTY in Maryland home day-care sex abuse trial in Montgomery County. Washington Post

May 14, 2015:
Army Ranger murder case ends 8.5 years later with no jail and no supervised probation, and with a chance for an expungement.

March 25, 2015:
With a new attitude, infamous 'Brit Bandit' released early from Md. prison. Washington Post

October 29, 2014:
Army Ranger granted Bond a Third Time.

October 27, 2014:
Jezic obtains bail for former soldier despite second HIV arrest.

August 31, 2014:
Army Ranger gets a third trial; Gary Smith's Manslaughter conviction is reversed. The Washington Post

June 27, 2014:
Jezic's client granted a mistrial after jury deadlocks in police shooting.

June 20, 2014:
Complete acquittal in Annapolis murder case for O'Neill and Jezic client, an Air Force Sergeant. The Baltimore Sun

October 25, 2013:
Significant Reduction in Sentence for Army Ranger.

May 15, 2013:
Hung jury, despite controversial prohibition on researching jurors in Montgomery County.

April 2013:
Jezic hired by victim's family to investigate homicide in Frederick County. The Frederick News-Post

September 19, 2012:
Jury finds ex-Army Ranger not guilty of second degree murder in Montgomery County.

August 26, 2012:
Jezic argues cutting-edge MRI brain science in Montgomery county murder trial. The Washington Post

July 30, 2012:
Woman pleads guilty to vastly reduced charge of manslaughter of D.C. paralegal.
Crime Scene - The Washington Post

July 13, 2012:
Murder charges dropped in middle of jury trial in Prince George's County.
Crime Scene - The Washington Post

January 11, 2012:
Rockville man savoring not guilty verdict after nine months in jail and a false confession.

November 29, 2011:
Court of Appeals overturns murder conviction in Montgomery County
The Daily Record

May 2, 2011:
A Two-Win Tuesday in Maryland's highest court - two new trials granted
The Daily Record.

December 16, 2010:
New Trial Granted 15 years later in murder case in Howard County.
The Baltimore Sun

July 3, 2010:
Montgomery County jury acquits 3 men in attempted-rape of 71-year-old woman.
Crime Scene - The Washington Post

May 12, 2010:
Man not guilty of manslaughter in 2008 crash in Montgomery County.

April 20, 2010:
Former Md. trooper found not guilty of 3 sex offense charges in Montgomery County.
Crime Scene - The Washington Post

January 9, 2010:
Man, 19, freed after 7 months in jail; robbery charges dismissed in the middle of jury trial in Prince George's County.
Crime Scene - The Washington Post

December 30, 2009:
Woman gets only five years in Wheaton murder case.
Crime Scene - The Washington Post

September 9, 2009:
Driver in Fatal Crash Cited for only Speeding, Reckless Driving in Montgomery County.

August 16, 2009:
Teenager's Murder Charges Dropped in Montgomery County, 6 Others Accused in July Stabbing.

June 30, 2009:
New Trial Ordered In Robbery, Shootout in Montgomery County.
Crime Scene - The Washington Post

January 27, 2009:
Correctional Center Nurse Acquitted on Sex Offense Charges in Montgomery County.

August 2, 2007:
Stunning Acquittal in Shooting in Montgomery County.
The Washington Post

March 10, 2007:
Charges Dropped Against Man Accused of Raping Girl in Prince George's County.
The Washington Post

November 8, 2006:
Murder suspect released on bail in Montgomery County.

June 20, 2006:
Teenager Is Released After Establishing Alibi in Montgomery County murder case.
The Washington Post

April 08, 1998:
Man convicted in slayings of ex-girlfriend, man, 73.
The Baltimore Sun

May 16, 1997:
Man draws life term for killing fiancee; Judge stipulates no parole in life insurance scheme.
The Baltimore Sun

April 02, 1997:
Harris guilty of killing fiancee; He had claimed she was shot during robbery attempt.
The Baltimore Sun

February 25, 1992:
Baltimore man convicted of killing cabbie Sentencing set for April 3.
The Baltimore Sun

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