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Personal Injury Lawyer, Prince George County MD

In personal injury cases where you’re the person who was harmed or injured, you can file a claim for monetary compensation against the defendant. No matter how stressful the situation might be, time is essential when filing a case so that you position yourself to receive the proper settlement. It’s what you receive to pay for the damages and injuries from the accident caused by the at-fault party.

But if you need to become more familiar with personal injury laws, it’s best to hire a personal injury lawyer in Prince George County, MD. Fortunately, Jezic & Moyse has a team of legal experts ready to take your case and help you out as you fight for your rights.

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What are the Basics of Personal Injury in Prince George County, MD?

You have suffered “personal injury” in Prince George County, including physical and psychological harm. This often includes a negligence claim against the at-fault person. Sometime the claim may require the victim to sue the at-fault party for monetary damages.

Negligence is a legal term, which means a person failed to take reasonable care to avoid injury to someone else.

How to Start a Personal Injury Case Against the Other Party

Before you file a case against the at-fault party, it’s best that you already have a personal injury attorney in Prince George County, MD, by your side. Certain laws and procedures can be very complex to understand, which is why a lawyer will step in to help. And when filing a case in court, here are the steps usually needed :

Writing & Filing a Complaint

When writing the complaint, the document that begins the court case, all the crucial facts about the incident must be included. You must properly state your claim in the way required by law, that will allow the judge and the other party to understand your allegations.

The court will also need the full name and address of the other party, and be mindful of the necessary details and legal requirements to show the court why you deserve compensation.

Filing Fee & Fee Waivers and Service of Process

After writing your complaint, you will need to pay the filing fee.

The next step is to inform or notify the defendant of the lawsuit, as required by law, through serving the defendant with court papers, inlcuding a Writ of Summons that the clerk will issue. . The process is called the service of process. , which may be performed as specified by law, through private process, or the Sheriff. .

Affidavit of Service

Once the service of process is done, you must prove that you have notified the defendant of a notice of the lawsuit. Therefore, you must provide the court with an appropriate Affidavit of Service.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims

There are several types of personal injury claims in Prince George County, which depend on the nature of the accident. Some examples are the following:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Product liability
  • Automobile accidents
  • Workplace injuries
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and/or fall injuries

Keep in mind that each type of claim differs not only in nature but also in the elements that surround the case. So it’s highly recommended to find a lawyer with a specialty or background regarding the type of claim you want to file.

Best Lawyers in Maryland

Trust Only the Best Legal Experts in Prince George County, MD

Filing a personal injury claim against another party is very stressful. Sometimes, your trauma resurfaces, making you want to back out. But you must receive the proper compensation for all the sufferings you experienced.

At Jezic & Moyse, you will find a team of legal experts with years of knowledge in personal injury cases. They can help you by providing you with the right advice you need. So don’t hesitate to contact us today, we’ll be here to study your case.

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