Law Clerk
Gary Smith

Gary Smith has worked for Jezic & Moyse since 2015 as a law clerk in most of the firm’s murder and other high profile cases. Mr. Smith graduated first in his class from a military academy. He then went on to join the Army, where he became a member of the elite Army Rangers. As a Ranger, Mr. Smith served five deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, earning numerous awards and accommodations. He achieved the rank of Sergeant and specialized in intelligence and reconnaissance.

Before working at Jezic & Moyse, Mr. Smith was a client of Jezic & Moyse (read article). In 2006, Mr. Smith was charged with Frist Degree Murder. After two lengthy jury trials and two appellate reversals, Mr. Smith entered an Alford plea to Involuntary Manslaughter and reckless endangerment, with no further jail.  Jezic and Moyse represented Gary for nine years until his last hearing.  He served about six years in prison before being released.

During his six years in prison, Mr. Smith learned a lot about the complexities of the prison system, how to make the best of a bad situation, and how he could better himself while incarcerated. Mr. Smith was eventually put in the honor housing unit where he worked as a dog trainer, training dogs for disabled veterans. After his release, he earned an associate’s degree in political science and began working at Jezic & Moyse. Mr.  Smith is near to earning a BA at Hood College and plans to attend law school.


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