Successful Self-Defense Claim Leads to Complete Acquittal for Teen Charged with Murder

In September 2022, a Montgomery County jury deliberated for just over 3 hours before coming back Not Guilty to all charges in a murder case involving a 19 year old young man who shot a 17 year old young man in self-defense.

The week long trial included intense testimony from several eye-witnesses on the scene, as well as expert witnesses called by the prosecution to establish that the Defendant was the shooter. Cell phone video taken of the shooting helped the defense to establish that the Defendant was not the primary aggressor. He was, in fact, running away from the scene of a fight and being chased by the 17 year old, when he turned and fired one shot over his back.

The jury saw footage from a nearby Metro, where the Defendant ran and hid, attempting to get onto a train. When no train arrived, the Defendant hid the firearm and surrendered himself to the police.

Through effective cross-examination of the State’s witnesses and analysis of the video of the shooting, the Defense was able to convince the jury that the shooting was justified by self-defense and the young man charged with murder was released with a completely clean record after almost 6 months of being held without bond in jail.

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