Amazing Jury Lawyer!!!

I was looking at 35 years in jail! My case was very bad and difficult. I was accused of child abuse and sex abuse of a minor. Due to the nature of my case, it went through jury trial for four days. My case was represented by one of the TOP CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYERS IN MARYLAND, Andrew Jezic. Andy is very experienced and also one of the top 10 best lawyers in Maryland. Andy took care of my case very professionally. He made sure I was informed and understood every step he was taking about my case. He was always available anytime I had a question. Either going to the office, phone calls, emails, or even texts. Throughout his communication, I had confidence that I was in good hands. Andy NEVER puts money as his first priority, BUT his clients. Through his hard work and experience, I was found NOT guilty on all counts by the jury. Not forgetting his professional staff as well, I would say my case was handled so well, and well informed with everything. I now can get enough sleep and enjoy my life like every one else.

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