I will always go to them first

In 2017, what started as simple tension with a neighbor in my apartment building became a nightmare when the neighbor made wild and false accusations that landed me in jail for almost two months awaiting trial. It seemed hopeless until Rand Lucey was able to first get me released from jail, and ultimately exonerate me with a complete acquittal before a jury.

Mr. Lucey’s cross-examination of my neighbor exposed her lies and motive. And his forceful closing argument led the jury to return a Not Guilty verdict after less than 10 minutes of deliberation.

Such impressive representation from this firm was not surprising. I had previous matters handled by Mr. Lucey and Andrew Jezic, and they have always shown legal skill, great rapport with judges and prosecutors and genuine concern for their clients.

I highly recommend them and will always go to them first with all of my legal needs.

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