Our Personal Experience

Speaking on behalf of the entire family, should anyone be in search of an excellent Law Firm to represent them on behalf of a Criminal Offense then we highly recommend Jezic & Moyse.
Mr. Jezic’s strategy in the Courtroom is an approach unlike any we have ever seen, as he encourages the Jury to like both him, as well as the Defendant he is representing. Of course, he doesn’t have to work hard at it, being he is an individual already very likable by nature. His defense technique is very impressive, and he has more than fulfilled our expectations. Mr. Jezic will give your case his undivided attention making it his main priority of focus. After Jury selection, a 6 day trial immediately followed. At the end of everyday Mr. Jezic gave our case more than One-Hundred Percent, and spent countless hours with his client in preparation for their testimony.
The severity of our case could be classified as a worse case scenario with a miraculous outcome as an end result. All due to Mr. Jezic’s persistence throughout the trial and impeccable defense. The entire Courtroom, as well as the News Media covering the trial all recognized the Jury’s Deliberations as the Miracle it truly was. Mr. Jezic is a go getter, as he puts a great deal of time into his cases by working diligently and is NOT intimidated, nor is he defeated easily. To anyone who may be considering Mr. Jezic as their Defense Lawyer: no matter the severity of your case, he is definitely up for the challenge.
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