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Attorney Successfully Fights Protective Order in Alleghany County

On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, Attorney Jamie Alvarado-Taylor successfully defended a Montgomery County mother against allegations of child abuse by the children’s father. The father, an Alleghany County resident, had filed a petition for a Maryland protective order against the mother on behalf of the parties’ ten-year-old child citing that the mother assaulted the son over the course of 15 minutes at a local Montgomery County water park while the father watched helplessly. Attorney Alvarado-Taylor was able to challenge the father’s credibility as an eye witness and convince the judge that the charges were retaliatory and an overreaction from the father. The judge acknowledged that the mother has certain leeway in disciplining her child and agreed that the father’s timing of the filing of the charges was suspicious, given that it came a full month after the alleged assault and just days after the mother and her custody lawyer had filed for a modification.

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