Legal Assistant
Tania Osorio

Tania Osorio joined Jezic & Moyse as a legal assistant in 2021. Some of her responsibilities include helping clients during their troubled times and providing an understanding to their needs. Tania is known for being kind and sympathetic when dealing with a wide variety of issues presented to her, while striving to provide the best service to clients of different backgrounds.

Tania migrated from El Salvador when she was 9-years old with her mother and brother. They established themselves in Silver Spring, and Tania witnessed how her mother, a single mother of 2, worked hard every day to provide for her kids.  Tania struggled with the language barrier, but she was determined to overcome any obstacles to help her succeed and became a fluent English speaker in under a year. Being a DACA recipient has helped Tania further her studies and continue moving forward to achieving her goal of owning a business one day.

Before joining Jezic & Moyse, Tania worked at Kids After Hours where she gained several childcare certifications. Through her mother, Tania has learned that anything can be obtained through hard work and dedication. Tania enjoys fashion and spending time with her family and friends.


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