A good, experienced, aggressive lawyer.

Right when my family thought our world had ended, the law firm of Jezic & Moyse gave our life back just in time for the holidays. My husband was already sitting in jail for a month after being wrongfully accused of a felony crime. That if found guilty, he was going to do 30 + years. Unfortunately we started out with a non-aggressive lawyer who asked my husband to plead guilty to a charge so that he would only do five years. While my husband was waiting in jail for sentencing day; our family and friends acquired the Jezic & Moyse law firm.

They were successful in reversing the plea bargain and to start his case all over again. After nine months waiting for a new trial, that day finally came. My family and friends were very impressed in Mr. Jezic’s court demeanor and aggressiveness in defending my husband. After six days of hard work and determination of the entire law firm, my husband was acquitted of all charges by a jury. We thank the law firm for their dedication in returning my husband back to his family. If you are in need of a good, experienced, aggressive lawyer who is the best in town, my family fully recommends the Jezic & Moyse law firm.

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