Treated us with respect, and listened to our ideas

My dad had a jury trial of First Degree Assault. He was wrongly accused of stabbing another in the chest. If he had been found guilty by the jury, he would have gone to jail for 5-10 years, and then he would have been deported. Our lawyer, Andrew Jezic, represented him in front of the jury for three days with his associate, Jamie Alvarado-Taylor. I am grateful for how hard both Mr. Jezic and Ms. Alvarado-Taylor fought for my dad every step of the way, from the opening statement to the final day when the prosecutor decided to dismiss all of the charges before the case was decided by the jury! I am super happy that my dad is free to stay in this country without any problems for many more years with our family. We are grateful for Mr. Jezic for having guided my dad through this nightmare. He always treated us with respect, and listened to our ideas. After a 4-day jury trial, the jury found my father Not Guilty of all charges.

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