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Acquittal for Former Marine Accused of Holding Police Officer at Gunpoint

In December 2014, criminal defense attorneys Amal Bertrand and David Moyse convinced a Prince George’s county jury to completely acquit their client of multiple counts of burglary, theft and assault. Their client, an honorably discharged US Marine, was accused of breaking into the home of her boyfriend, an active police officer, holding the police officer at gunpoint, and then stealing the officer’s gun.

Moyse’s cross examination of the police officer, coupled with 911 calls and other physical evidence made it clear that the officer was fabricating his story. In addition to destroying the credibility of the police officer, Moyse and Bertrand presented several character witnesses from their client’s life to show that she was a peaceful and honest person. The jury completely disregarded the officer’s testimony, and found the Defendant not guilty of all counts.

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