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Removal Proceedings are Terminated Following a Successful Coram Nobis

Montgomery County Immigration Attorney

Maryland immigration lawyer  Himedes Chicas and Criminal Attorney Rand Lucey teamed up to prevent the deportation of a longtime Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR). The JM Client was placed into removal proceedings and held in immigration custody on account of a nearly 15 year old criminal conviction. Attorney Chicas first convinced an immigration judge in Baltimore to reduce his Client’s bond to a reasonable amount that his family could afford to post in order to avoid detention during the pendency of the removal proceedings. Following the posting of the immigration bond and release from immigration detention, Criminal Attorney Rand Lucey worked with the client and determined that the underlying criminal conviction plea had not been entered into knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily as required by law. He thus filed a coram nobis petition with the appropriate Maryland Circuit Court and a Maryland Circuit Court Judge entered an order vacating the conviction just in time for the client’s first non-detained master calendar hearing. At the hearing, Attorney Chicas filed a motion to terminate and after getting concurrence from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the immigration judge entered an order terminating the removal proceedings against the JM client. He and his family are grateful that they can put this chapter in their lives behind them and the JM client vowed never again to make mistakes that would jeopardize his LPR status.

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