Jezic and Moyse Law Firm Client Found Not Guilty of Former FBI Agent

Client Found Not Guilty of Murder of Former FBI Agent

After waiting a year and a half behind bars for a crime she did not commit, a woman accused of murdering her husband is now free. In March of 2016, the body of an 62 year old FBI agent was found shot and beaten outside of our client’s home. The victim was her husband, with whom she had been having marital problems for some time. Naturally, police were quick to point the finger at our client, despite having only circumstantial evidence to back their claim. 

Soon after, our client was arrested and charged with first degree murder, second degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, and the charge of use of a handgun in connection with the death of her husband. The client was sent To Prince George’s County Jail to await trial, and the case received national media coverage during the wait, including having an entire episode of Dateline dedicated to it.

Attorney Andrew Jezic had his work cut out for him in preparation for the trial. Because the client and her husband were in a strained marriage, and the police had been called to the home for previous protective orders and other domestic disputes, Mr. Jezic knew the prosecution would try to paint his client in a negative light. 

However, when the time for the trial finally arrived, Mr. Jezic had a strong defense crafted to combat all of the circumstantial evidence he faced. The criminal defense attorney pointed out that there was no definitive evidence, such as DNA, fingerprints, conversations, or other incriminating evidence that would indicate the client had done the crime. 

When the question of a financial motive surfaced, Mr. Jezic brought in a financial expert to testify that the client would have saved almost half a million dollars had she gone through the divorce, and had nothing to gain from the murder of her husband. After just nine hours of deliberation, the jury found our client not guilty on all four counts mentioned, including all murder charges. After 18 months of sitting in prison and awaiting trial, our client was finally free. Mr. Jezic recalls the moment of the verdict, explaining that his client broke down in tears of joy and was repeatedly thanking him for his dedicated work. 

The evidence brought forth by the prosecution was too weak, and the defense from Mr. Jezic highlighted that no incriminating evidence was presented that would indicate his client had committed the crime, or had any reason to do so. 

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