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First-Degree Assault Charges and Peace Order Dismissed in Prince George’s County

Prince George’s County Assault lawyer obtained a judgment of acquittal for a client that was originally charged with arson and first degree assault by her husband and had been incarcerated for 27 days. Defense attorney also appealed a protective order that a Prince George’s County District Court Judge had granted while the Jezic & Moyse client was incarcerated. On appeal of the protective order, defense lawyer convinced a Prince George’s County Circuit Court Judge to throw out the entire order from district court. The defense subpoenaed jail records that showed his client’s husband, who had charged his client with arson and first degree assault, had visited her in jail even after the husband had asked a district court judge to order no contact. The Circuit Court judge found that, based on Defense’s cross examination, it was unbelievable that client’s husband would sit there calmly while, as he alleged, the Jezic & Moyse client was attacking him everywhere he went.

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