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Jonathan Oates wins complete dismissal of criminal charges against civil protestors

On August 3, 2015 in the Fredericksburg, Virginia General District Court, Criminal defense attorney Jonathan Oates fought against criminal charges involved in protests at the University of Mary Washington. Several of the other co-defendants were protesting the University’s inclusion of fossil fuels in their endowment. Oates’ client was there supporting the protestors and bringing them food. She had never been arrested or charged with a crime, and had a completely clean criminal record.

Oates fought for his client to keep her clean record, firmly believing that the client should not suffer her first criminal charge for simply acting in support of her beliefs and the protestors. Oates entered a plea of not guilty, fighting for a complete exoneration of his client. Because of his advocacy, the Judge found that the Commonwealth could not make its case, and dismissed all charges against Oates’ client.

Please read the article by the Free Lance Star on this case, as well as a quote from attorney Jonathan Oates on the complete criminal dismissal: Full Original Article

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